Dog Bed “Slipcovers”

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Do you have a worn out, stained, or partially ripped dog bed in your home?

Do you know your dog loooves the bed, but it’s getting pretty embarrassing how ugly the damn thing is at this point?

They sell slipcovers for furniture, right? Why not for a pet bed?

At the NW Pet & Companion Fair in Portland earlier this month, while looking at a few other vendors that had snazzy new pet beds, I noticed Beth’s Waggletops booth. The booth was chock full of a fun assortment of soft, fleecy and fitted pet bed covers.  What a great idea! Since most of our dog beds are still structurally sound, i.e., nobody decided to eat the foam, covering them up seemed like such a simple fix. And definitely more cost effective than replacing the whole pet bed.

Now my dog’s bed (well, one of many) has a brand new look, but underneath is still the same comfy bed I already know they love (they can be picky!). They love the soft fleece and I can pull the cover off and wash it easily. Really it’s only the tops of the pet beds that get dirty, so a cover is much easier to wash. I was impressed with the craftsmanship of the product, the sizes that would fit almost any sized pet bed, and her assortment of colors to complement any decor.

So, check out Waggletops, and share the site with your friends with embarrassingly shabby pet beds that need covering – we don’t need to name names, they know who they are.

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  • Waggletops

    Thank you, Stefanie, for this lovely review. We love the photo of Izzie and Maddie – you picked out the perfect cover for them – great colors! Thanks again!