Dogs in Cars – Not Always a Good Thing

oven 300x239 Dogs in Cars   Not Always a Good ThingWe all know dogs (well, most dogs) get majorly excited to go for a ride in the car. However, as the weather warms up, taking pups for a ride where they have to wait in the car is a bad idea. I repeat, bad idea.

On a hot day the inside of a car can trap heat, like a greenhouse. You’ve all personally felt how hot the inside can be when you come back to a parked car, even in the shade. Even if you’re just gone for a minute or two! And if you think cracking a window or will help, it will only cause a few degrees difference – i.e., will still be dangerous for your pet. This study by the Animal Protection Institute, and similar studies, show that even in moderate temperatures in the 80s, cars become dangerously too hot for your animal.

It’s really as simple as this: If you want to take your dog for a ride in warm weather, make that the sole purpose of your outing. Going to the park, a coffee shop, etc. will be fun for everyone. But if you’re running errands and are going to have to make stops where your dog is not allowed to come with you out of the car, leave ’em at home.

Visit MyDogIsCool to learn more about the dangers of a hot car for your pet, and learn how you can spread the word to others. It really is easy to avoid this unnecessary harm to pets.

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