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All of your blankets are belonging to meeee.

As someone who suffers from chronic insomnia, I’m constantly reading the latest articles on how to get the best sleep possible. And there are many.

A main tip in every single damn article? Don’t let pets sleep in the bed at night.


The main problem is that I kind of like my dogs sleeping in the bed at night. And, without a doubt, the two of them love it.

Although, they do take up half the bed. And my husband and I are relegated to opposite sides of a king sized bed.

Crazydog likes to sleep under the covers. Lazydog (pictured) snores. Both of which I find equally adorable and aggravating as I lay awake.

But after years of allowing them to be on the bed, how does one break the news to them that all of a sudden that isn’t allowed?

As I sit yawning in the afternoon I wonder if re-training them is doable?

Has it been tested? Will they hate me?

Will I actually sleep better? Or will I have guilt over banishing them to the floor?

So many factors to consider.

Has anyone actually successfully re-trained their dogs to not sleep on the bed, and as a result, gone on to have many blissful hours of sleep? I’d love to hear your tips!

In the meantime, suggestions for industrial strength under eye dark circle concealer are always welcome.

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