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We envision a world where no old dog dies alone and afraid. -The Grey Muzzle Organization

Last weekend I had the pleasure of learning about The Grey Muzzle Organization, and speaking with one of their volunteers. And now that I know of the great work they do, I want to make sure you do, too!

The issue:

It’s hard to comprehend the fact that often older dogs are surrendered to shelters when signs of old age appear, or extra care is required. The same people who were overjoyed by a young puppy, can become intolerant of the needs of their senior pet. Sometimes a family is legitimately not able to afford a senior dog’s care, and seek a new home, but often the dogs are just abandoned.

A solution:

The Grey Muzzle Organization is a non-profit group that raises funds to improve the lives of at-risk senior dogs. The organization is able to provide grants to carefully chosen shelters, rescue organizations and the like that often have a hard time placing dogs over a certain age. The grants help build programs across the country that are specific to senior dogs, or form new non-profits that address the special needs of senior dogs.

While the organization’s main focus is homeless dogs, they also provide  multiple resources to help guardians be better prepared to care for their senior pet in the home. The Grey Muzzle Organization states its values as:

  1. We believe old dogs contribute positively to our quality of life and have much to teach us about patience, respect, responsibility, loyalty and unconditional love.
  2. We believe every senior dog deserves to live out their golden years, months, weeks or even days in a place of love, security and peace.
  3. We believe dogs are not a disposable commodity; rather, they depend on us to care for them through all stages of their lives.
  4. We believe at times it is appropriate to make an end-of-life decision based on a deteriorating quality of life or if the dog is harmful to itself or others.
  5. We believe in working with diverse organizations from across the country that share our fundamental values.
  6. We believe in honest and open decision making that allows us to be accountable to our donors and the organizations we support.
  7. We believe in providing educational support, advocacy, and sharing of best practices for those who support senior dogs.

I hope hearing about The Grey Muzzle Organization has helped you see senior dogs in a different light. If you’d like to learn how you can help their efforts, click here.

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