Simple Summer Treat


As most dog owners know, a warm dog releases heat by panting. So, on a warm day like we’re starting to experience here in the Seattle area, a cool treat is always most welcome!


One of the simplest & healthy summer treats I’ve found for my two dogs is frozen applesauce. The quickest and most convenient way of doing this is buying the small snack sized packs of applesauce and popping them in the freezer. Make sure you get the applesauce with no sugar added, and preferably organic. A big jar of applesauce would work just as well. You could freeze it in small paper cups or even in an ice cube tray. While apples are healthy for dogs, you should limit this treat to smaller quantities, as you do with most treats.


DSC 0061 1024x687 Simple Summer Treat

Crazydog looooves her applesauce!


After the applesauce has frozen for a few hours it is ready to enjoy. For larger dogs, squeeze out the small container into their dish. Or, for smaller dogs, you can let them lick right from the container as they may not finish the entire treat in one sitting. Any leftovers can be put back in the freezer for a treat at another time.


DSC 0059 1024x682 Simple Summer Treat

Lazydog is cautious about anything pertaining to fruits or vegetables.


Hope your dog enjoys this fun summer treat!


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