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Art of Jay Schmetz

With my two dogs being mixed breeds, one half schnauzer and half poodle, the other half poodle and half (unconfirmed) Jack Russell terrier, it’s often hard to find things with images of my dogs on them. Sure, there are all the standard breeds represented. Sort of reminds me of when I was a kid and wanted something with “Stefanie” on it, but noooo…only “Stephanie” was available and I had a never-ending sad at my perceived misfortune and intolerance of my mother’s choice in non-stadardized spelling.

Anyway, I digress.

Imagine my delight (seriously, there were delightful squee noises that emanated from my face) when a few years ago I came across the spitting image of my two girls on Etsy. I quickly bought the image on a small tile. My two girls drinking coffee – perfect depiction of Seattle-area dogs. The tile has been on our kitchen counter ever since.

Just recently while perusing through the latest issue of Modern Dog Magazine, I saw an ad for the same artist that painted the tile of my dogs. His name is Jay Schmetz, and his website is chock full of tons…dare I say oodles…of awesome pet art. Over 100 specific dog breeds are represented, but you also might luck out and find an image that looks just like your mixed breed pup. There are also depictions of almost any other animal you can think of, from zebras to chipmunks, from sea lions to aardvarks! All items are very reasonably priced for original artwork. What an awesome gift!

Peruse Jay’s awesome animal art on his website, or shop for gifts at his Etsy store  or Ebay store.

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