Sometimes my dog, like me, just needs space…

I have one dog that, if I’m being honest, doesn’t care for most people. It’s probably nothing you’ve done. It’s probably nothing you’ve said. She just likes her house and her things and doesn’t really want you around them. We call her lazydog, because for the most part, the couch is her comfort zone.

When we take her outside of “her territory” she’s much more calm, but she still isn’t 100% sure about you. You might talk too loud. You might have a dog that moves around too much. You might have a dog that wants to greet her by smelling her butt. Loud and/or giggling children freak her out a bit, as well.

So, I was happy to come across this illustration from awesome doggie illustrator Lili Chin about Space Etiquette for Dogs. It’s exactly what I’ve been feeling about people getting up in my dog’s space. I know some dogs are fine with having a person run up to them, with or without another dog, and are happy no matter what. That isn’t my dog. She needs her space. It’s not good or bad, it’s just her. I mean, I can be a total bitch if you get in my space and I’m not in the mood for it. Same should hold true for dogs, right?

Space Etiqquette for Dogs Sometimes my dog, like me, just needs space...

If you have a wonderfully friendly dog, I applaud you. But I hope this helps you have compassion for those who might not.

Check out more of Lili Chin’s creative and informative dog drawings on her site.

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