Clickin’ for free kibble

Want a good website to bookmark at work for when you’re procrastinating? Have kids that love to play online trivia? Want to feed some shelter dogs? has you covered!

Each day hosts a new pet trivia question. Each time you answer (even if your answer is wrong) 10 pieces of dog kibble get donated to a shelter in need. Easy peasey. The site doesn’t ask for you to sign up or register, just click and donate.

Also on, the answer for the prior day’s trivia question, along with a “What makes you happy?” dog picture of the day. There are some free e-cards that can be sent out to spread the word, some examples of which are below.

It’s a no brainer, folks. Go to today (and tomorrow and the next day) and click away!

P.S. Don’t tell my dogs I said this, but even cats are splendid! Visit as well!

freekibble1 212x300 Clickin for free kibble

ecard woof 300x179 Clickin for free kibble

share button orange Clickin for free kibble
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