Dog poo & you!

poo1 Dog poo & you!

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Seriously folks, if you own a dog, part of the responsibility is picking up after it in public (and private!). It makes me mad/sad to see dogs banned from so many parks, public areas, etc. because some irresponsible pet owners have ruined it for the rest of us.

Bottom line: anything that comes out of your dog’s bottom is your responsibility. End of discussion.

I used to work in an office building in downtown Bellevue, Washington that was dog friendly. Until…. One Monday morning some employees early to arrive were greeted by a pile of dog poo in the elevator. It had been there for at least a day – in a closed, poorly ventilated space. One can only imagine the lovely aroma. From then on, dogs were banned from the building. Though I wasn’t bringing my dog to the office, I was angry that one fool ruined it for everyone else.

This is just another example of ONE type of pet owner, that is not representative of MOST pet owners, but reflects badly on ALL pet owners.

Let’s get real, nobody gets excited to stoop over and pick up warm dog crap in a flimsy plastic bag. But don’t be the jerk that leaves it there and ruins it for everyone else, ok?

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