Required reading for ALL

Today was another dog event. Surprising, eh? And again I took Lazydog, and she did great! She can be a bit stand-offish, and as I’ve reported before, she is usually a dog that likes her space. Today, she allowed some people to pet her without her retreating, she gave a few more kisses, and there weren’t any confrontations with other dogs. She also scored a shitload bunch of treats, so maybe that had something to do with it?

Still, this needs to be said. DO NOT JAB YOUR HAND IN THE FACE OF A STRANGE DOG. EVER. Can’t believe how many people do that. If they got bit, they’d be looking at me like I’m the bitch, right? But seriously, you need to learn how to greet a dog.

Luckily, cool chick Lili Chin, she who makes awesome dog drawings, has just the required reading for ALL. It’s so unfair I can’t draw like she does. I try, but my stick figures look like mutilated tinker toys. It totally doesn’t get the point across quite like a cute little Boston Terrier named Boogie does below.

So, read the tutorial below. Learn it. Live it. Teach it. Thank you!

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