The time plumpy got stuck under the bed…

 The time plumpy got stuck under the bed...

I was looking through older pictures the other day and ran across this picture of the day Izzie, who we sometimes used to refer to as “plumpy,” got stuck under the bed.

Maddie (on the left) loves to hide under things, including our king-sized sleigh bed. One day, Izzie, in a moment of not knowing her own size, decided to follow her under there. And got stuck.

Izzie was about 3 pounds heavier back then, and although she managed to squeeze under the bed on the way IN, trying to squeeze OUT wasn’t happening. While I thought of the best way to remove her (and snapped a quick picture) Maddie laid right there with her and kept her company. You can see Izzie (on the right) looks a bit worried.

We eventually lifted the side of the bed and Izzie got out. Izzie was afraid to go under there again for quite a while, but as she lost a few pounds she realized she could get under there and get out easily.

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