Achtung! Parking for dogs.

If you want to bring your dog to Ikea… And you live in Germany… You’re in luck!

ikea dog parking 2 300x225 Achtung! Parking for dogs.

Ikea stores in Germany have instituted dog “parking” areas outside their stores  – each complete with a little astroturf “bed,” a water bowl, and a place to tie a leash. Apparently too many dog-loving Germans were trying to bring their dogs inside Ikea. And the good folks at Ikea couldn’t have dogs all over the furniture and sniffing up on all of the unpronounceable knick knacks.

ikeadogkennels 300x225 Achtung! Parking for dogs.

There are even cute little kennels for smaller dogs. Although you might have to put these together yourself with an allen wrench.

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  • yukiandrocket

    I used to live in germany before i had dogs and i always loved how dog friendly the germans were. i really liked how when we’d eat a restaurant, dogs would be with their owners indoors and no one thought anything wrong or unusual about it.

    • DogSplendor

      I love when places are super dog friendly! I think it makes for a fun atmosphere. But I bet they had a bad experience inside the store and decided to not allow dogs inside any longer. Sometimes it just takes one bad experience for places to change their rules. At least they made a somewhat friendly area for dogs outside!

  • Joshie

    Well those lovely hounds should be allowed into IKEA. Think of the destressing qualities they would bring to the shopper.
    If we left our dog outside IKEA in the UK they would be stolen and sold within about 5 minutes. I hope they have dog attendents to ensure they don’t dehydrate, get lonely or get nicked 😉

    • DogSplendor

      I was wondering about the security, also! Don’t need people stealing pooches!

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