My Schnoodle, myself

 My Schnoodle, myselfI read a blog post this morning about how YOUR behavior creates your DOGS behavior.


My oldest dog, Izzie, who is a 6-year old Schnauzer/Poodle (Schnoodle) mix, is sometimes the spitting image of me, in terms of behavior.

How so?

  • She has a “you’re not the boss of me!” attitude (totally me!).
  • She likes her comfort (well, who doesn’t?).
  • She loves naps (yessss!).
  • She loves being the center of attention (umm…no comment).
  • She wants things just the way she wants them (just particular, not a control freak or anything like that there).
  • If she gets annoyed by things, she has no problem letting you know (sometimes you gotta set people straight, right?).
  • She gets excited over a really good dinner (well, yeah).
  • She assumes she is the boss (uhh…).

Oh, and the list goes on….

So, the problem becomes ME seeing my own behaviors in the DOG and finding them cute because they are like my own. And while I’m pretty certain the behaviors ARE completely cute in ME, when the DOG does them, it probably does not lend itself to having a well-trained dog.

I know I’m not alone in anthropomorphizing the wants and needs of my dog. But when I realize she has issues…and she HAS issues…maybe I need to look to myself to be stronger and not let her get away with so much because it reminds me of me.

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  • Kia Tinsley

    LOL Interesting post. It’s kind of just like having a kid…monkey see, monkey do. Kids say the darnest things and do the darnest things…well because they are probably copying or repeating something the parents have done! Exactly like the dog child lol. I guess we have to keep that in mind! 🙂 Your dogs are oh so cute!

    • Stefanie

      Exactly! Who would have thought dogs could take on our traits? The hard part is that I find it endearing when I see her do stuff that reminds me of myself, when I should be correcting it….most likely. 🙂