Pit Bulls on parade

Yesterday I dropped by a fun adoption event called Pit Bulls on Parade, presented by Bullseye Dog Rescue and held at Issaquah, Washington’s Riverdog Canine Coaching.

Screen Shot 2012 08 25 at 2.11.06 PM 300x104 Pit Bulls on parade

And while I didn’t particularly see any parading Pit Bulls, nor any Pit Bulls in cute red wagons like in the picture above, I saw some of the sweetest dogs around. Dogs that get a bad rap. Dogs that need our help to stand up against BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) that bans Pit Bulls just because of their incorrectly perceived temperament .

ban stupid people not dogs1 300x154 Pit Bulls on parade

Pit Bulls are not bad dogs. No dog is inherently bad. People? People can train dogs to do bad things. People can be intentionally stupid. So, as the graphic shows above, if anything were to be banned, it should be the stupid people and not any breed of dog. Now that is legislation I can get behind!

End of rant and on to the pictures!

DSC 0035 300x300 Pit Bulls on parade

I’m a sucker for a dog in a tutu, what can I say.

DSC 0030 300x300 Pit Bulls on parade

This was a very kissy Pit Bull!

DSC 0003 300x300 Pit Bulls on parade

An awesome display of pictures from Bullseye Dog Rescue.

DSC 0050 300x300 Pit Bulls on parade

Handsome smiley boy.

DSC 0017 300x300 Pit Bulls on parade

Such a demure girl in the shade.

DSC 0014 300x300 Pit Bulls on parade

This Pit must have been parading, because he was tired and had to lay down to take a break.

DSC 0021 300x300 Pit Bulls on parade

Someone needed to tell this guy they had shave ice for pups over by the swimmy pools.

DSC 0048 300x300 Pit Bulls on parade

And speaking of swimmy pools – this Pit sure knew how to splash up some waves!

DSC 00191 300x300 Pit Bulls on parade

So many happy faces on the Pit Bulls I saw…it’s like they knew the party was in their honor!

DSC 0028 300x300 Pit Bulls on parade

And lastly, a Standard Poodle with pink hair rocking a “Honorary Pit Bull” shirt. Way to show support!


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  • mark @ dogmanners.com

    Thank you for supporting initiatives that attempt to change public perceptions of pit bulls. And thank you for sharing these wonderful photos. These dogs are so cute!

    • http://www.dogsplendor.com/ Stefanie

      Thanks, Mark! I agree, it is so important to see these fun dogs out there being like any other breed that will hopefully change people’s perceptions.