TGIF! Grab a dog a beer! Wait…whaaat?

After a grueling day of laying on the couch, playing ball, chewing a bone, and playing rope toy, sometimes my girls like to kick back with a cold drink. Of course plain old water always does the trick, but, wouldn’t a cool beer taste that much better?


Yep, you heard it. There’s beer for dogs. Bowser Beer for dogs, to be specific.

DSC 00021 300x201 TGIF! Grab a dog a beer! Wait...whaaat?

I met up with the owner of Bowser Beer last month at an event at a local brewery. She had samples at her booth for all the thirsty pups, and I watched as one pup after another got their drink on. Most seemed to love it! However, my dog Izzie was being a bit diva-ish and didn’t want to drink from the communal beer bong bowl, so I bought a few bottles to take home and give a try.

DSC 00041 300x201 TGIF! Grab a dog a beer! Wait...whaaat?

What’s in Bowser Beer? They currently have two flavors, beef and chicken. Beefy Brown Ale (on the left in the above picture), and Cock-a-Doodle Brew (the lighter brew to the right). Both brews contain either chicken or beef stock, malt barley (just like in people beer), and glucosamine (for joint health). There is no alcohol content, which is good. Because unlike their mom, my girls’ first beer didn’t lead to making out with an inappropriate boy in the back of a car. But that’s a story for another time, boys and girls.

DSC 0024 300x201 TGIF! Grab a dog a beer! Wait...whaaat?

No, Maddie, you have to lick INSIDE the cup.

Maddie was quite taken with the beer, but Izzie kind of didn’t care. Perhaps if I’d had it in official beer steins instead of plastic cups that would have made a difference? The girl kinda has issues.

DSC 0019 300x201 TGIF! Grab a dog a beer! Wait...whaaat?

Keep sister away from my beers! And puppy dad, too! Seriously!

DSC 0020 300x201 TGIF! Grab a dog a beer! Wait...whaaat?

The chicken Cock-a-Doodle Brew was her favorite!

Bowser Beer also does custom labels with your dog’s picture, which would make an awesome gift. And check the Bowser Beer locations page to see if one of your favorite pubs carries Bowser Beer. Your pooch might be your next best drinking buddy. Or wingman?

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