What does “holistic” mean to you in terms of pet food?

holistic pet day What does holistic mean to you in terms of pet food?

In honor of National Holistic Pet Day being celebrated today, August 30th, Halo Purely for Pets released information on a survey they did about what the term “holistic” means to pet owners.

Halo surveyed over 850 dog and cat owners (I was one of them) about what factors consumers considered to be “holistic” when it came to what they were feeding their pet(s). The top results included:

                • No artificial preservatives or colorings – 84.8%
                • All natural – 83.6%
                • No inferior by-products – 82.3%
                • No “4D” meats (diseased, dying, disabled or dead before butchering) – 80.3%
                • No corn or fillers – 79.1%
                • No rendered animal parts, such as chicken meal – 78%
                • Only fresh meat or fish – 58.5%
                • Zero recalls – 50.4%
                • Lots of fruits and vegetables – 50.3%
                • The use of ingredients you can find in your own kitchen – 45.2%

The survey results also indicated that nearly half of respondents believe they’ve seen the term “holistic” used deceptively by pet food brands in their marketing or packaging. Most likely as a result, participants believed that it was up to the consumer to read the list of a food’s ingredients instead of relying on claims of “holistic” or “all-natural.”

“High quality natural nutrition will not ‘fix’ everything, but it is a critical part of a holistic approach to pet healthcare and often has a profound effect on the way a pet feels,” says Dr. Donna Spector, consulting veterinarian to Halo.

Remember it is important that you do your research in figuring out what is right for your specific dog’s needs.

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