Is your dog misbehaving or just bored?

Are you aware of the energy levels of your dog? It took me a while to figure out that my little crazydog Maddie was altogether less crazy if I wore her out on a consistent daily basis.

And if I didn’t wear her out? It would be 11:30 at night and she’s running circles around the house at top speed. So, knowing Maddie’s energy level, I don’t have anyone to blame but myself if I don’t provide her with enough physically and mentally stimulating activities during the day. Of course, a healthy dose of love and attention are also required to keep her happy.

Here are some tips from Lili Chin at DoggieDrawings to find out if you have a dog misbehaving (spoiler alert: no) or if it’s just bored.

Misbehaving Is your dog misbehaving or just bored?

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  • Annette Carricato

    This is why nose work is so great!

    • Stefanie

      I need to learn more about nose work, I’m really not very familiar with it.

      • Annette Carricato

        I put some general info here:

        • Stefanie

          Thanks for posting that link, Annette! Maddie would love this. She has one of those puzzle toys where you put the treats in and the top spins over it to hide the treats and she has to push it open to find the treats – and she LOVES that activity, so this would be taking it up a notch (or two).

  • yukiandrocket

    yes, this is one of the first things i learned when it was only yuki. luckily all my dogs need is a 30 minute running/play session in the backyard. my dogs are pretty lazy, lol.

    • Stefanie

      I keep waiting for the little one to get lazy as she gets older, but no. She’s 3 now and still has puppy energy.