Dress up your home with spiffy dog artwork!

IMG 2149 Dress up your home with spiffy dog artwork!Most happy pet owners have a gazillion photos of their pets, right? I know I’m guilty. So how about taking it up a notch and acquiring cute new dog artwork in your pet’s image?

At Dogs Incorporated, they’ve created dog artwork representing almost any breed you can think of – over 60 breeds in total. And best of all, each breed selection can be customized in terms of background color, color of dog, etc. So, chances are likely you’ll find the perfect picture to represent your pooch and enhance your decor.

For example, in the picture above (that I was given by Dogs Incorporated) I was able to pick a neutral background and a white-coated Schnauzer. And even though my girl Izzie is only half Schnauzer, this pic looks quite a bit like her when she was a puppy. To me, most of the pictures on the Dogs Incorporated site look like puppies. I think it’s because they all have big puppy dog eyes, which make the pictures so sweet.

On the Dogs Incorporated website you can shop by breed, or you can also shop by collection, for example my picture above is from the “All you need is love” collection. Additionally, you can send in your own picture for a custom pet portrait to be made specifically of your dog.

Go take a look at the Dogs Incorporated site, there’s surely something there to meet any need. And the cherry on top? The company gives back 5% of its proceeds to animal rescue charities each time you buy a piece of dog artwork.

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