Guest Post: The benefits of dog exercise

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Most owners are aware that there are plenty of different things they’ll need to do for their dogs.  Taking him out for walks and other exercise time on a daily basis may be more important than you think.  Read on to learn about the many benefits of dog exercise.


Exercise plays a huge role in your dog’s overall health.  Canines that sit around not getting enough exercise will have a higher risk of experiencing heart disease.  Activity is also required in order for the digestive system to do its job properly, which is why exercise is a good deterrent to conditions such as constipation.


It should really go without saying, but maintaining a proper weight is also one of the benefits of dog exercise.  If your dog consumes more calories than he burns, then he will start putting on weight.  Obesity in pets is becoming a huge problem despite the fact that it increases the risk of many other health problems in dogs such as diabetes and arthritis.


All owners want their dogs to be well-behaved.  Training them proper is certainly important.  However, dog exercise can also affect his behavior too.  When dogs get bored, they start having behavior problems ranging from chewing to digging. Letting your dog exercise will help get rid of some of that energy.


In addition to exercise, dogs need proper rest.  Imagine how you feel when you don’t get a good night’s sleep.  If you provide your dog with enough exercise, then he will be tired by the time it’s over.  Tired dogs tend to sleep very well, so you won’t have a problem with him staying up barking or howling all night.


Humans aren’t the only ones that have different personalities.  Our pets do as well.  If you have a dog that’s rather shy, then taking him outside for exercise will help him greatly.  Building up confidence is one of the benefits of dog exercise.


With the busy lives that we lead nowadays, we may not spend enough time exercising ourselves.  Taking your dog out for a walk is a great time for you to get your exercise in too.  You don’t necessarily have to go jogging or running, as simply walking is great for your cardiovascular and overall health.  Not only will it help keep your blood pressure under control, but you shouldn’t start to put on any pounds if you do it regularly like you’re supposed to.

Post and following commentary provided by Darrin Swain.

You should already know that combining exercise and a great diet is one of the main keys to good health.  Don’t feed your dog store-bought foods.  Follow these simple homemade dog food recipes so you know exactly what your canine is eating.  Also, learn a thing or two about various dog diseases that can affect your little furry friend.

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