Squirrel Plastic Surgeon?

 Squirrel Plastic Surgeon?If I wanted to update my resume, I could add Squirrel Plastic Surgeon, thanks to my overly rambunctious duo of dogs.

You see, for the past few days, my girls have been having a daily round of what I dub “squirrel party.”

Squirrel party starts innocently enough with four squirrel squeaky toys jammed into a little plush tree trunk, as seen in this picture.

The toy tree trunk then gets dropped on the floor in front of the two eager pups.

Maddie, the dog that is more adept at figuring things out, proceeds to make sure each of the four squirrels is removed from the trunk.

Izzie, meanwhile, takes the first squirrel she sees, goes to her dog bed, and begins to squeak away, while figuring out the best way to disembowel the squirrel.

Flash forward a few minutes, and I’m having to remove squirrels from the “party” due to gaping head wounds and squirrel stuffing spilling out like a scene from a bad horror movie. For some reason the squirrels no longer have most of their ears, as they seem to be as enticing to the dogs as Evander Holyfield’s ear was to Mike Tyson.

However, thanks to Super Puppy Mom (that would be moi!), with a quick needle and thread, squirrels will be ready to party on…another day.


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