You had us at bacon…turkey bacon for dogs

In these times of everyone only looking out for themselves, I’m trying to teach my dogs to be selfless, look out for others, and do their part for humanity (and umm dogmanity!). So, when the opportunity arose for them to taste test Freshpet’s Dognation Turkey Bacon for Dogs, my dogs decided to selflessly take one for the team.

IMG 2201 300x300 You had us at bacon...turkey bacon for dogs

All of your bacons are belonging to us…

Needless to say, my dogs are in love with anything bacon – much like the rest of the country is having a love affair with anything bacon these days. We do give them little tastes of bacon when we have it, but pork bacon is much too fatty to consider a regular occurrence around here.

So, I was excited to hear that a packaged turkey bacon treat was now available for dogs, which gives them the bacon taste, but with less calories and fat. It’s made using all natural ingredients, and because there isn’t all the preservatives, it requires refrigeration.

IMG 2203 735x1024 You had us at bacon...turkey bacon for dogs

Brand new bag fresh out of the fridge.

“We know concerned pet parents are looking for healthier meat treats made in the U.S.A. So we created a real bacon snack they can feel good about feeding every day. It smells and tastes just like human turkey bacon. I should know…Ive tried it myself!”     -Courtney Groome, Freshpet

I hear ya, Courtney. The turkey bacon smells amazing and had me thinking I could smack it down on some bread with lettuce and tomato and have an awesome BLT. But I refrained.

The package contains a good quantity of bacon strips. The strips are a bit too big for my little dogs to have in one bite, but it was very easy to break off pieces. The texture of the product is great and pieces broke off cleanly and didn’t crumble and make a mess. I could see ripping off pieces in advance to use as a high reward training treat.

IMG 2202 300x300 You had us at bacon...turkey bacon for dogs

What do you mean “serving size ISN’T whole bag?”

The Turkey Bacon for Dogs will be available nationwide this fall, in the refrigerated Freshpet section at your local pet food stores. Pick up a bag, your dog will thank you!

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