Rock the Vote!

1duxRw.St .4 Rock the Vote!

Photo courtesy of the Sacramento Bee.

Dear DogSplendor friends in the United States,

At DogSplendor we won’t tell you who we think you should vote for, but please for the love of all that is furry and good…make a point to vote!

In this country we are so lucky to have the freedom to enter a polling place on a November Tuesday and voice our support, or lack thereof, of what is going in OUR country.

And while most of know who we want for a national candidate, I urge you to take just a smidge of time to familiarize yourself with the local candidates and what they truly stand for. Your state or county government can affect your day to day life as much as a presidential candidate, so you really owe it to yourself to be an informed voter.

Your vote is your voice. Your vote is as important as anyone else’s.

Together we can do our pups proud and rock the vote today!



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