12 Dogs of Christmas

So, I have to admit to having the radio station with 24/7 holiday music as a preset in both cars for the last few weeks. It makes my husband slightly stabby, but I LOVE it! I think it’s because I grew up singing Christmas songs and I know all the words by heart. Weird to think of how much real estate all those lyrics are taking up in my brain, and then I can’t remember what I did yesterday, but I digress…

Looking for a new holiday carol to share with your kids (2 or 4-legged)? How about the 12 dogs of Christmas? Beware, your kids might get preoccupied with the lyrics for #6.

12 dogs of christmas 12 Dogs of Christmas
The 12 dogs of Christmas graphic has been created by Pet365 – a UK stockist of brands like Leuchtie and Hamish McBeth.

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