Dog beds – the circle of life

I was very excited the other week to find a great deal at Home Depot for a large festive looking red plaid dog bed for under $18. So excited that I went back the next week and bought another one for a different room of the house in a cream colored plaid. I temporarily laid the new bed on top of the old bed, which inaccurately gave the dogs the impression that it was going to be one super-mega-bed-o-comfort.

 Dog beds   the circle of life

Ooooo comfy!

I guess my dogs must pay attention to me, because as a semi-neat-freak, I always say “one thing comes into the house, one has to go out.” It is my secret for keeping the house uncluttered, and seems to work (most of the time).

Not a day later, I left the house for a few hours and left the dogs in the laundry room together, as we usually do when we’re not home. Imagine my surprise when I came home to their older dog bed scattered about as if it exploded all on its own! Of course there were two little guilty faces right next to it. While I know it was Maddie who did the shredding, I think Izzie was looking guilty in a show of sisterly solidarity.

Either way, two new dog beds came in to the house, one made an explosive exit to its final resting place in the garage. I guess it’s the circle of life.

 Dog beds   the circle of life

Dog bed annihilated. Check.


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