Who let the dogs out?

Before you start humming that song, I’m talking about the show called Who Let the Dogs Out airing on the Hallmark Channel. What? You haven’t heard of this show yet? Well, read on, my friend…

NB WLTDO endcap Who let the dogs out?

Who Let the Dogs Out is in its second season on the Hallmark Channel and features Tillman, Norman and a team of characters (human and canine) traveling ’round the country in search of talented pups! Tillman rides a skateboard better than most kids, and Norman can ride a scooter like nothing you’ve ever seen! I love seeing the look of pure joy on their faces as they ride. And then there are all their guest stars each episode.

I finally watched the February 8th episode of Who Let the Dogs Out this weekend and it featured BlogPaws, the pet blogging and social media conference I attended last June. And you know who was in the episode for approximately .025 seconds as they scanned the crowd? Moi! I remember standing in the parking lot in Salt Lake City on a 100 degree day with the crowd cheering on Tillman and Norman. And whoa, they were awesome! Check out my video of Tillman from that day

The February 8th show’s segment about BlogPaws went on to feature a few great pet bloggers (for more than my .025 seconds), and gave viewers not familiar with the conference an idea of what they could expect from a BlogPaws conference. I think my favorite part was seeing some of the folks I met and spoke with at the conference — like TriPawds (an awesome support community for 3-legged pups), and Snoopy (everybody loved Snoopy).

blogpaws conf 300x250 post Who let the dogs out?

And now for something totally great: by entering the Who Let the Dogs Out at Blogpaws BlogHop, someone will win a free registration to the 2013 BlogPaws conference, plus hotel.

This post constitutes my entry for that Blog Hop and I hope I’m chosen to attend the BlogPaws conference in 2013! Through the very active year-round BlogPaws community, I’ve realized that pet bloggers have a great opportunity to help disseminate information. I’m hoping to learn further skills at the 2013 BlogPaws to be a more unique and influencing voice for discerning dog parents.

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