Guest Post: The best dog boarding options this spring

The holiday season is a busy time for most people. If you have kids, the months of March, April, and May are filled with vacations, parties and family visits. Many people head out of town to spend spring break with their extended family. Loving dog owners may feel guilty about leaving their pet during the holidays but if they are not able to bring their dog with them, they have no other choice but to leave them behind. Since it can be extremely difficult to find a pet sitter during the spring holiday season people need to find a good overnight dog boarding facility that will take good care of their pet.

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The difference between a kennel and a pet hotel

Kennels and pet hotels both care for dogs while their owners are out of town but they offer different levels of service. A basic kennel keeps dogs in cages. They do not supply pet beds or structured play areas. Kennels let dogs out into a fenced area but not all kennels walk the dogs or play with them each day. Kennels are the cheapest boarding option because they only offer basic care and services.

A pet hotel offers a more luxurious setting for dogs. Rather than staying in a cage, dogs stay in their own spacious suites that include lighting and a comfortable bed. Staff members do their best to make the dogs feel secure. Some dog boarding facilities even play soft music at bedtime to help dogs relax in their new environment. Staff members monitor pet hotel guests 24-hours a day and if any sudden health issues arise, the animals receive professional medical treatment right away.

People who have an energetic dog should choose a dog hotel that offers doggy daycare services for boarded dogs. Not all dog hotels offer doggy daycare but they do take the dogs for daily walks and give them the opportunity to run and play in an indoor or outdoor play area. Pet hotel staff members take the time to talk to and play with all of the dogs in their care. Some pet hotels also offer grooming services.

How to select the best facility

Whether people choose to take their dog to a kennel or pet hotel they need to find out more about the facility before dropping off their pet. People should always take the time to walk through the entire facility, including outdoor dog runs or play areas to see if the environment is safe, clean and cheery. Pet owners should take note of how the staff treats the animals and check for signs of a poor quality facility such as empty food and water dishes, foul odor, lack of bedding and toys or unhappy staff members. If the pet owner wouldn’t dream of spending one night at the facility they should not leave their pet there.

All good dog boarding facilities have strict rules and requirements. They ask that boarders and doggy daycare participants be up to date on their vaccinations and they do not let mature animals participate in group activities unless they are spayed or neutered. These rules are put in place to protect all of the dogs staying in the facility. People should never leave their dog at a boarding facility that does not ask to see a copy of the animal’s immunization records.

Nobody likes to leave their dog but people who find an excellent dog boarding facility can relax knowing that their favorite animal is in good hands. Many modern facilities even give their customers the opportunity to view the different rooms of the pet hotel online via webcam so they can check on their pet anytime they please while they are away.

Written by Robert Gold, a writer for Paradise 4 Paws.

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