The best paw protection – Iditarod style

Your dog doesn’t have to run the Iditarod to feel the effects of winter weather on his or her paws. Imagine you walked around outside barefoot all the time, in cold weather and/or on cement, and didn’t bother to take care of your feet. Wouldn’t be a pretty site, now would it? Face it, your dog needs some sort of paw protection.

One of the best kept secrets for your pup’s paw protection (excluding goofy looking little dog booties) is Musher’s Secret. Originally formulated for Canadian sled-pulling Iditarod type dogs, Musher’s secret provides your dog’s paws awesome and natural protection against the elements.

 The best paw protection   Iditarod style

So what’s in it?

Musher’s Secret is a white salve made up of multiple food-grade waxes, excluding soy and flax oils, and including white and yellow beeswax, carnauba wax, candelilla wax, and also white and vegetable oils with vitamin E.

When spread on the dog’s toe pads, it creates a semi-permeable shield that keeps elements out, but still allows perspiration to escape through the toes. The product is non-toxic if your dog licks its paws, and the thing I love most about the product is that it doesn’t stain or make oily spots on furniture or carpet inside the house.

This product is a must if you take your dog for walks on sidewalks that have been salted for winter, as that salt can be really harsh on their feet. Additionally, if you rub the Musher’s Secret up in between the toe pads it will prevent snow balling up between the toes.

But I don’t even live where it snows

Your dog’s feet come in to contact with a lot of harsh surfaces every time it leaves your home. Musher’s Secret is actually a great product to use year round to give your dog paw protection from any sort of elements, including sand, rough terrain, hot sidewalks, and the like. Think of it as a great way to provide protection and prevent painful foot problems like dry and/or cracked paw pads. Your dog’s feet need moisture and protection, much like your own.

Musher’s Secret is available at many quality pet stores, and online retailers including, as shown in the link below.

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