Dogs of Mad Men

To celebrate the beginning of Season 6 of Mad Men this evening, I thought I’d pass along these fun Dogster pics of the Dogs of Mad Men. These were just my two favorites, but for ten more pictures, see the original article.

This is a Visla as Don Draper. Let me just say I would pet Don Draper the dog all day every day and let him sleep on my bed. “Who’s a good Don boy.”

Don Draper as Dog Dogs of Mad Men

Photo via Dogster.

This photo is what a Pomeranian would look like as Betty, which is a bit disrespectful to Pomeranians, in my opinion. Never did like Betty much, if you can’t tell.

Betty as dog Dogs of Mad Men

Photo via Dogster.

Enjoy the Season 6 premiere!

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  • Sarah Hosick Ⓥ

    Hahaha! I can’t believe nobody has commented on this… it’s gold!