New dog Ecards

The popular Ecard site, SomeEcards, has just launched a new category of pet Ecards! Had to share a few, because they’re pretty funny. More Ecards are being added all the time, and you can even send in a picture of your own pet for use on a card.


someecards dog1 New dog Ecards

Someecards dog2 New dog Ecards

Someecards Dog3 New dog Ecards


And if you look through the existing cartoon-format Ecards, there are a few with a dog theme, as well.

Someecards Dogthemed New dog Ecards

share button orange New dog Ecards
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  • annstaub

    Oh those are so cute! My dog just tries to attack the vaccuum, but my human baby is TERRIFIED if she even sees one.

    • Stefanie

      Oh no! I haven’t heard of babies being afraid of a vacuum, but I guess it IS a high pitched sound. Hopefully you are able to vacuum when the baby isn’t home.

  • Sue Kottwitz

    Those look great! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Stefanie

      Thanks. I thought they were fun!