Car trip across Canada with a canine? Go Zolo!

This Summer, an adventurous couple from Seattle is setting out in a diesel conversion van to journey across Canada with Zolo, their slightly neurotic dog. Along the way, their trip will be documented at using words, videos, pictures, and an original webcomic. And upon returning from their epic adventure, their collection of multimedia awesomeness will be turned into an ebook that’s part travelogue, part guidebook.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Look at Zolo below, he thinks it’s going to be fun.

Zolo Car trip across Canada with a canine? Go Zolo!

Zolo – hero to neurotic dogs everywhere! (picture via the Redell family)

These world travelers (Charlie and Alexis have traveled the world, and Zolo, himself, comes from Taiwan) certainly know what they are doing, but here’s where you get to be part of the fun.

A Kickstarter has been started for the Zolo Neurotico project, and YOU can help push them across the finish line of their monetary goal for this trip. As of today, they only need about $2,000 more before June 8th. That means if only 80 of you awesome readers chipped in $25 each, Zolo hits the road for awesome adventures in Canada! Visit the Kickstarter page to see where the money is going, and the thanks you will get for your pledge. The Redells are both freelancers and will be working during their trip, but the costs of this project can be defrayed by the Kickstarter donations.

Spread the word about this fun project, won’t you? Click the awesome cartoon Zolo below to go directly to the Kickstarter page!

Zolo Neurotico Car trip across Canada with a canine? Go Zolo!

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