Don’t bake your dog in a hot car

We all know most dogs love to go for rides in the car. But as temperatures rise, if you take a dog with you, you have to plan your trip so that your dog will not be left in the car by itself. Temperatures inside a parked car can rise so quickly, and often a window “cracked open a bit” does little to offset the rise in temperature. Even on a day in the 70s, the inside temperature of a car can rise to over 100.

Don’t bake your dog in a hot car. And inform those who may not know.

HotDogPoster Dont bake your dog in a hot car

Image via Regional Animal Services of King County (Washington state)

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  • Charlie Thu Hike

    so this is with the windows closed? Whenever Charlie chills during classes, although it hasn’t really gotten above 70 yet, I leave the windows wide open. I hope this doesn’t have the same effect!

    • Stefanie

      The windows wide open should help. But I’d keep the car in the shade if possible as cars really can retain/attract the heat as temperatures rise.

  • Adventureweiner

    With the heat wave we seem to be experiencing in Seattle this is very timely. I think you can’t remind people of this enough.

    • Stefanie

      Agreed! I might print some of these to have in my car and share when I’m out and about. I see so many dogs left in cars with the windows cracked open a bit – that helps, but it still gets too hot in the car. And all it would take is once to forget to crack the windows open for that dog…