Petbrosia custom pet food – as unique as your dog (or cat)

As I mentioned in a previous post, sometimes finding the perfect nutrition for your dog is a matter of eliminating what doesn’t work before settling in on what does work. So, imagine if that process could be sped up by having a custom pet food designed specifically with your dog’s needs in mind? That is exactly what Petbrosia aims to do, and has established the first-ever pet food individually designed for your pet’s unique nutritional needs.

Petbrosia launched this Spring and provides quality custom pet food delivered right to your door for your dog or cat. Because I don’t have cats, I’ll be discussing only the dog food and our experience with the product.

How does Petbrosia work?

The first step is to establish a profile for your dog. You will be asked to enter the breed, age, gender, energy level, weight, allergy information, and then any other information you deem pertinent to your dog’s nutrition or health patterns. Based on the information entered for your dog, a unique blend of food is formulated for your dog’s needs. The blend of food is not created until the order comes in, so you are assured a fresh product.

As you continue to re-order product in the future, Petbrosia keeps an eye on your pet’s age and/or changing health information and can reformulate the nutrition to meet your dog’s changing needs.

Below is an example of the profile for Maddie. The completed profile is printed and sent to you with feeding instructions and caloric information for your order. Click the image to enlarge.

Petbrosia Maddie Example 231x300 Petbrosia custom pet food   as unique as your dog (or cat)

Click the image to enlarge.

The pricing structure for Petbrosia is simple. A ten pound box is $39.99, including delivery, and a twenty pound box is $79.99. The size of your dog and the target feeding amount will determine how long the order will last. Make sure you check out the special DogSplendor discount at the bottom of this post!

What’s in Petbrosia foods?

Because this is a custom product, depending on the blend for your pet, ingredients may vary. Petbrosia lists all the ingredients is uses in their formulations on this page, and all ingredients are sourced in the US. For each formulation, the following is true:

  • The first ingredient is fresh meat – antibiotic and hormone free
  • No chicken or poultry by-product meal
  • No corn, wheat, soy, or gluten
  • No artificial colors or flavors

Our experience

Petbrosia invited us to order a custom blend for both Maddie and Izzie. Because their age, weight, and energy levels are not the same, we got two custom blends.

As expected, the blend for Izzie (who is older with a normal-ish energy level) was higher in protein, and lower in fat. For Maddie (who is younger and high energy), her formulation was slightly lower in protein content than Izzies, but a bit higher in fat content. You can see that their formulations appeared quite similar, but the nutritional data provided showed the composition was different.

 Petbrosia custom pet food   as unique as your dog (or cat)

Prior to trying Petbrosia, both my dogs were each receiving one half cup of dry food twice per day. In the morning their food has raw goat’s milk added to it, and in the evening, their food is supplemented with additional protein and/or canned high protein dog food. The feeding instructions that came with the Petbrosia product suggested Maddie should receive a total of 2.25 cups of food per day and Izzie should receive 2.75 cups of food per day. Because we add additional food (calories) to their dry food, I started off each dog with a little less than one cup of Petbrosia twice per day. While they appeared to really like the product, I think they were not used to the volume of food and didn’t finish their meal. I picked up whatever was not eaten after ten minutes at both feeding times. This continued for a week, indicating to me that my dogs must be used to a smaller amount of food, or that they would have finished it had I not removed it. Let me clarify that the Petbrosia formula could have been left down for the dogs, but the additional ingredients I added were refrigerated and it would not have been safe to let them sit out at room temperature for an extended amount of time.

Poop. Yep, nobody likes to talk about dog poop, but truthfully, this is a measurement of your dog’s diet and nutritional absorption. I’m not a dog nutritionist, but I assumed more volume of food would equal more volume of poop. Turns out I was wrong. Even with the increased volume of food I was giving Maddie and Izzie, their poop volume did not increase, and in fact decreased a bit. This indicates a higher quality of food, and more nutrients being absorbed.

Overall, I think the Petbrosia product is an awesome concept that has not been done before. The idea of getting a unique blend that changes over time with your dog’s changing nutritional needs is brilliant. As a pet parent it can be confusing at times to know if you are giving your pet what it needs nutritionally.

If you would like to try Petbrosia’s unique formulations for your dog (or cat), the cool folks at Petbrosia have given me the following discount to share with DogSplendor readers. Click the link below to go to the Petbrosia website and give it a try!

 Petbrosia custom pet food   as unique as your dog (or cat)

This post has a Disclosure Level of 2. DogSplendor was provided with two ten pound boxes of Petbrosia dog food that were specially formulated for Maddie and Izzie. Any reviews are based on our experience and honest opinion.

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  • Carol North

    Petbrosia is really awesome food for dogs and cats. My Eng. Bulldog has been on it for about a month and her coat, eyes and energy level are better than ever!

    • Stefanie

      That is awesome to hear, Carol! I love when people find a good, healthy product for their pets!

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