Ice Pups – poultry ice cubes for dogs, not cocktails

frozen ice pups Ice Pups   poultry ice cubes for dogs, not cocktailsWhen your dog is a hot drooling mess, an icy treat is both appreciated and can help cool them off fast. So, when we had our own little heat wave in the Seattle area recently, I decided to try Ice Pups from The Honest Kitchen. I had a packet given to me by the company at a recent conference.

What’s in Ice Pups?

Ice pups is a powdered mix of dehydrated chicken, turkey, whey, dandelion, asparagus, watercress, honey and parsley. Sounds yummy, right? But probably best left to the pups, and not for cocktails.

How do you make Ice Pups?

Making these treats is so easy. And you have many options. I chose to take the little packet of powder, dissolve it in eight ounces of warm water and pour the liquid into an ice cube tray. I used this cute little silicone ice cube tray I bought at Target. Can’t decide if the shape is supposed to be berry clusters or brains.

You could also make a larger cube that your dog could lick. Or the website suggests you could serve it as a cold liquid, or even make a doggie sorbet! And if I knew how to make sorbet, I might consider doing so – don’t judge me!

Their dual purpose

An added bonus to this little packet of Ice Pups? Turn over the pouch and there are instructions for using the same powder to make a warm broth. What an awesome idea for those cold winter months.

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  • Jessica Rhae

    Funny…I just recently used the packet I got from the conference too. I went out and bought a special paw print ice cube tray and everything 🙂

    • Stefanie

      Where did you find paw print ice cube trays? I looked for something like that, but didn’t find any and found this tray at Target for $1. I did buy a scotty dog tray at Sur La Table for a few bucks, but you have to put lollipop type sticks in and if you didn’t the water sort of leaked out through that opening. I think it was meant to be a chocolate mold.

      • Jessica Rhae

        I picked mine up at Health Mutt in Roosevelt but you can find them online by searching paw print ice tray. The ones online are orange.