Wordless Wednesday – Birthday girl!

 Wordless Wednesday   Birthday girl!

This post is part of a Wordless Wednesday blog hop via BlogPaws, a community for pet bloggers. Take a look around at the entries shown below, and have fun!

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  • http://www.sugarthegoldenretriever.com/ SUGAR: Golden Woofs

    Happy 4th Barkday! Have a PAWsome Day! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

    • http://www.dogsplendor.com/ Stefanie


  • SlimDoggy

    Happy Birthday Maddie…I have to say, your ears look a little like tiny horns – are you a little devil?

    • http://www.dogsplendor.com/ Stefanie

      Hehe. Not sure about devil, but I think she has part wildabeast in her.

  • Susan

    Happy Birthday Maddie! X Talent Hounds

    • http://www.dogsplendor.com/ Stefanie


  • Oz theTerrier

    Happy, HAPPY Birthday!!!!

    • http://www.dogsplendor.com/ Stefanie

      Thanks, Oz!

  • Flea

    Happy birthday, Maddie!

  • Teresa Gardner

    Happy Birthday Maddie, Have a great day!

  • http://www.pawstotalk.com/ Margot Ahlquist

    Happy Birthday Maddie! We hope you have a fabulous day!
    -Bella and DiDi

  • Miss Harper Lee

    Looking fabulous at four, Maddie. Have a very happy birthday!

  • beaglesbargains

    Happy Birthday!! I hope you get a special treat!

  • The Stately Hound

    Happy Birthday gorgeous gal!

  • http://www.fidoseofreality.com/ Carol Bryant

    Happy Birthday to you!

  • Jessica Rhae

    Ha, ha. It kind of looks like she is wearing devil horns in that picture. Happy Birthday Maddie.

  • Bethany

    Happy Birthday, Maddie. It will always be easy to remember your shared with Leo birthday. He would happily share some of his birthday blueberries with you too!

    • http://www.dogsplendor.com/ Stefanie

      Aww very cute. And Maddie just LOVES blueberries!

  • Dogs N Pawz

    Happy, happy birthday Maddie!

  • http://comewagalong.com/ Kia Tinsley

    Aw, happy belated birthday Maddie!

  • http://www.dogsplendor.com/ Stefanie

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes!! Maddie had a fun day including a new ball and HOURS of playing with said new ball. 😉

  • annstaub

    Happy Birthday to you Miss Maddie! Hope you had a fabulous birthday!