Adios hiatus – I’m bringing Splendor back

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been on a bit of a hiatus for the last month. Sometimes things in life just happen that cause you to shift obligations, priorities, and stuff like that there.

 Adios hiatus   Im bringing Splendor back

Our hiatus didn’t bring about any big new changes to the DogSplendor site, other than a few simple points I’d been meaning to fine tune:


As a freelance writer, content about dogs was the reason this site was created. As time went on, it became maybe 20% of my time devoted to content with 80% devoted to administration/moderation/maintenance. What fun is that? Now, new systems are in place to focus more of my time on content and bringing great dog products to your attention. I hope to teach Izzie how to do WordPress plugin updates soon.

Guest Posts

Over the past year and a half, we’ve had some awesome guest posts on this site! Also, we’ve had a handful that you could tell I was just too nice to politely say no to the author. As a result of the latter, guest posts have been suspended. The thing is, there are a lot of people out there claiming to be “experts.” As it turns out, their “facts” are just their opinion, same as you or I have opinions. I never claim to be an expert on dogs, I just offer my unique perspective, as well as any facts I can research. Guest posts may resume if either high quality expert content becomes available, or if posts from an extra unique perspective catch my eye.


Watch for new guidelines to be posted to this site regarding commenting. Comments or corrections are always welcome, however, drama is not. Believe it or not, there are lots of other places on the internet where you can start anonymous drama. Berating someone in comments into believing your point of view is not something that will be allowed.


Life is too short to not live your life appreciating what you have and looking for moments of splendor. Every day I look at my dogs and see a new sense of living in the present moment that is healthy for all humans to follow. That joy for life is the “splendor” I was speaking of when I named this site DogSplendor. The gratitude is for those of you that have followed along with us over the past sixteen months.

So, I hope you join us on our journey to bring the best content, reviews and whimsy to you, the discerning dog parents out there.


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  • Jessica Rhae

    Glad you are back. I was finally able to add your blog to my reader. Can’t wait to talk to you about more of your goals at the NW Pet Bloggers meetup this weekend.

    • Stefanie

      Thanks, Jessica! Ah, glad the RSS thing worked out. I couldn’t replicate the problem you were having, but it was on my computer so figured I was seeing something different than others. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

  • Emma

    Welcome back!

    • Stefanie

      Thanks, Emma!

  • Kimberly Morris Gauthier

    Welcome back! Hope you had a nice “break” and I hope to see you this weekend!!!

    • Stefanie

      Thanks, Kimberly. Looking forward to seeing everyone, and talking “shop,” this weekend!