Carbs, additives, and headaches, oh my! #FridgeChallenge

Hi there. Checking in on day five of my one week Freshpet Fridge Challenge. If you haven’t already, make sure you read my post on how this all got started, I’ll wait.

Ok, welcome back. So…let’s just say Freshpet didn’t call it a “challenge” for nothing!

 Carbs, additives, and headaches, oh my! #FridgeChallenge

As someone who tries to eat healthier (most of the time), I really didn’t realize how much I depended on my refrigerator. Here are just a few of the things I’ve noticed this week:

Inconvenience. These days when I shop, as much as possible, I like to load up on fresh veggies, fruits, meats, frozen items, etc. And I’m a big fan of cooking in batches for less effort later in the week. Well, without a fridge the above scenario isn’t that possible. I did try shopping right before cooking a meal, but that is inconvenient and buying in small quantities is hard as I’m only cooking for two people. Throwing away ingredients or leftovers because they can’t be chilled seems so wasteful. After all, I was brought up being told by my mama that there were starving children in Ethiopia!

Carbs! Oh holy jeez, a lot of carbs! A lot of the shelf-stable ingredients are carbohydrates, such as pasta, rice, oatmeal, etc. Don’t get me wrong, carbs are tasty! But eating a lot of carbs for meals this week has left me feeling not so great. An average day has been oatmeal for breakfast, soups (with more carbs than protein) for lunch, pasta with jarred sauce for dinner, etc. As a result of all the extra carbs, and quite possibly the additional salt in these products, I’ve noticed headaches a few days in a row now.

Making items shelf stable involves some nasty additives. For example, I’m used to having eggs in the morning. Is there a shelf stable alternative? Yep. Powdered eggs. They have a shelf life of about three years (ewww!) and include an “anti-caking” agent (who is anti-cake!?). Milk for my coffee? Yep, a powdered version exists. It has four times the ingredients of fresh milk and has been fortified (meaning the original nutritional properties were lost in processing, and re-added afterwards). Again, it has a shelf life of a bazillion years, which is pretty scary. And we won’t even talk about most proteins. With the exception of tuna fish, not many shelf-stable proteins seem that appetizing, and even tuna needs refrigerated mayo to make it palatable. And any protein that becomes shelf stable involves a lot of sodium in the process.

So what does this mean for my dogs?

I’ve realized quite a few things this week about my dog’s nutrition, the convenience factor, and how I’d like their diet to be a bit more fresh. At the conclusion of my seven day challenge, I will be posting my insights on pet nutrition that have resulted from my personal fridge-less experiment. Come back and join me on Tuesday, October 1st!

Remember, it’s not too late to join in – click the image below for details!

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  • Kimberly Morris Gauthier

    It’s funny that I spend so much time examining the ingredients in our pet food, but not enough looking at what I’m eating.

    • Stefanie

      True! Also, sometimes it’s easier to pick OUR food by how it tastes, but it’s not really something we consider for our dogs.

  • Jude

    I’m a little worried about what I’m going to do tomorrow. LOL, I picked up oatmeal, bread for toast, lots of soup and I’m going to see if it’s maybe cold enough to keep some veggies. Otherwise, I’ll be buying fresh – a LOT. What a pain, but I’m looking forward to the challenge.

    • Stefanie

      Apples are great this time of year, too! I put a big bowl of them on the counter, and I think I went through a dozen apples this last week. Looking forward to seeing your challenge posts on the Freshpet site!

      • KolchakPuggle

        Mmmmm! I’ll have to hit the market for some fresh fruit. Good call!