Form and function – the “not so fast” dog bowl was given the personalized stainless steel “not so fast” dog bowl from – as always, all opinions and experiences are uniquely our own.

 Form and function   the not so fast dog bowlLet me preface this by saying my dog Izzie has never starved. She has never wanted for food a day in her life. Nobody has ever taken her dog bowl away mid-meal. Yet Izzie eats her food as if someone were going to steal it at any moment, or as if it might be her last meal ever.

At times I thought Izzie eating her food like an over-caffeinated wildebeest was sort of cute. Awww, she loves her food. But in actuality, a dog eating its food very fast can cause life-threatening maladies like bloat to occur. Additionally, when a dog gobbles its food, it gulps an excess of air, which leads to gassiness (and pet parents know what a joy this can be).

I’d heard about slow-feeding type bowls (a bowl which includes a built in obstacle to help slow down the dog’s eating time), but had never gotten around to trying one with Izzie. So when approached me about their products, including their gorgeous personalized collars and dog ID tags, the product that caught my eye immediately was their “not so fast” bowl. They were gracious enough to send me a personalized bowl laser engraved with Izzie’s name.

 Form and function   the not so fast dog bowlI had Izzie’s new bowl on my door step in no time at all. Spiffy! I’ve ordered personalized products before and they often take an extra long time to ship. That was definitely not the case here. The bowl itself is a heavy satin finish stainless steel, and the laser engraving was nice and deep, not a shallow scratch that passes as engraving with some products online these days.

After washing the bowl, I showed Izzie her new present. I’d like to think she knew it was especially for her, but I think it was me that was more excited, she was just generally curious that it appeared to have to do something with food.

I contemplated taking video of Izzie’s elapsed eating time from her regular bowl, versus her new slow-feed bowl. But you know what? Watching a close up of a dog eating sloppy wet food is not so cute, folks.

However, the result of the extra obstacle in Izzie’s bowl meant a much slower meal for her. This was awesome! At first she looked at me like she was being punished. Food is her thing. She tried to nudge the middle part of the bowl, like she could push it aside. Once she realized that wasn’t happening, she went about the business of eating her food. But at a much more reasonable pace. Which is exactly what I hoped would happen. And now she has a special dog bowl – with both form AND function – from which to enjoy her meals a bit more slowly and safely.

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  • Kimberly Morris Gauthier

    Very cool! I’m glad that it worked out. I’ve considered these bowls, but our dogs don’t eat fast. I am considering bigger bowls, but it’s because I just want to buy something from the pet store, not because we need it. I have a problem.

    I didn’t know about the issue with bloat either until people started talking about it. We took our dog’s raised (they were high) bowls away when I first learned about bloat.

  • Paul Treichler

    I think these dog bowls are awesome. I have considered selling them as accessories to the dog clothes I make and sell at Whirly Dog Supplies however, as Kimberly commented our dog doesn’t eat fast either and I haven’t had any of my customers request them. Would love to hear more peoples opinions and experiences with them.