It’s on! The Freshpet #FridgeChallenge

In honor of National Pet Obesity Month coming up in October, this week I’m taking part in the Freshpet Fridge Challenge, which helps promote the importance of fresh food for the health of dogs and their humans. So, as of yesterday, and for the next week, I’ll be living without the use of my refrigerator. Stay tuned for updates on how the ability to keep things fresh might affect us all, and insights on why fresh food is equally as important for you and your pups.

 Its on! The Freshpet #FridgeChallenge

What does eating fresh mean to me?

It’s odd how it took me until at least my 30s to truly pay close attention to the correlation between food and fueling my body. In my 20s, I’d make due with whatever was in the cupboard; it might be Top Ramen, it might be some cheap canned soup, a box of day glo orange mac and cheese, or some margarita mix. Frankly, you guys, I’m surprised I survived my 20s. In my 30s and 40s I started paying attention to what food did to my body as its fuel. How I felt eating certain things versus others. And I can tell you, highly processed, shelf-stable items were no longer the norm. Those items were replaced with a variety of fresh produce, fresh proteins, some frozen items, and taking the time to prepare meals from a combination thereof. Increasing the number of fresher items and decreasing the amount of preservatives and chemicals, made a difference in my diet and health.

But I’m not saying fresh is easy. At times the convenience of processed food wins out over taking the time to make a healthier meal. Sometimes I’ve wished there were human kibble – that I could pour a big bowl of kibble for the husband and he’d get as excited as the dogs do over theirs. That would be sweet.

What does eating fresh mean to my dogs?

I’m not going to lie, my dogs would eat french fries or cheese at each meal if their nutrition was left up to them. However, since day one of bringing each dog home I’ve kept an eye on the quality of what they eat. Typically their favorite “treats” are things fresh from the fridge like turkey, chicken, turkey bacon, apples, pears, carrots, jicama, and they can hear string cheese being opened from any room of the house. While they do get kibble as a base for their meals, it is usually supplemented with a fresher food like those from FreshPet, or leftover protein and/or vegetables from our home prepared meals.

My goals for this week?

I’m going to have to get creative with meal planning if I want to keep it healthy. Sure it would be easy to eat out at every meal, but I know from experience on vacations how that can make you feel sluggish and bloated. No fun. Not to mention the dent in your pocketbook. Yesterday I headed to our local co-op market to see what I could find for this week. I managed to find a few healthier soup options, and some fruits and veggies that didn’t require the fridge. The ingredients for last night’s dinner were bought at the store, and brought home and cooked immediately. There was no option to keep leftovers. This morning I had to go to that coffee giant with the green mermaid to get my coffee with some fresh milk in it. Not so convenient, and I couldn’t sit around in my jammies with my coffee as I usually do. The positive so far? I’m glad I live in Washington state and apples are in season  – because I’ve had three since this challenge began. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, I should be good for a bit.

Want to join me?

Over at the FreshPet #FridgeChallenge headquarters, you can keep up with all the bloggers taking the challenge, as well as take a mini challenge, or win some extra awesome prizes for letting Freshpet know (in 50 words or less) why you couldn’t live without your fridge.

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This post has a Disclosure Level of 9. Additionally, my dog’s meals are exempt from the “rules” of this challenge.

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