Human Shaming – because my dogs feel no shame

At some point last year, Dog Shaming pictures became all the rage. You know, a sign held next to your dog proclaiming the bad thing he or she did. We even got in on the fun. But you know what? My dogs kinda feel no shame.

But me? Yeah, my dogs give me that face and oh the shame! So time for a little human shaming.

 Human Shaming   because my dogs feel no shame

Poor Maddie. Running a dog website, she is my go to dog for taking pictures with products (the picture above won us tickets to a local dog show from SeattleMini). Sometimes I have to use certain words to get her enthused. And I don’t always follow up. Err…sometimes I lie to her. Oh the shame.

This post is part of the Human Shaming blog hop!  Click the link below to check out the other entries!

humanshaming1 300x300 Human Shaming   because my dogs feel no shame

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  • Jodi Stone

    Yup, we lie too! LOL it is shameful, isn’t it?

    • Stefanie

      I’m such a bad liar (as in not good at it), people can always tell if I try to lie, but my dogs always believe me!

  • My Brown Newfies

    Lol. I do do this to the dogs all the time! Once I had them jump in the back of the car so I could take a picture and then I told them to get out. Well they showed me, and refused to get out so I had to take them for a small ride!

    Thanks for joining in the hop today!

    • Stefanie

      Ha! I thought I’d found a lost dog in my neighborhood once, and got it to get in my car. Got to look at it’s tags and realized it wasn’t the lost dog, and then couldn’t get him out of my car. I had to drive down the block and back with him before he’d hop out, all the while hoping his owner wouldn’t show up and think I was kidnapping the dog!

  • BoingyDog

    LOL! Love this – I do the same with Kayo!

    • Stefanie

      I’d like to think they forgive us! 🙂

      • BoingyDog

        I think that’s the greatest thing about dogs – they forgive everything!

  • Kimberly Morris Gauthier

    LOL – this is hilarious! I’ve done this and now when I have to take dog related pictures, we do go some place. I have an upcoming post where the pictures were taken at the gas station. I wonder what the other drivers thought I was doing.

    • Stefanie

      I’ve tried taking pictures of my dogs in the car before, but they are just too excited. Plus, we put them in a tube thing when we actually travel. I think they know now that if they aren’t in the tube, they aren’t really going anywhere.

  • Jude

    That is cold…just cold.No car ride? That’s awful…you SHOULD be ashamed! LOL

    • Stefanie

      Hehe hiding my head….

  • Ryan Jordan

    Awww! You owe her a car ride! Also, I LOVE your car. I want a Mini in chocolate brown.