Let’s talk about dog poop! No, seriously.

Happy Monday! Let’s talk about dog poop! Totally serious. Being a responsible dog parent means cleaning up poop, right?

How often do you scoop? Do you know what happens when you let it lay around in the yard? I have to admit to being one of those people who thought that dog poop was good for your lawn. Fertilizer, right? Yep, not so much. Seeing the effects on groundwater will definitely have me picking up that poop immediately and not letting it collect in the yard. Check out this awesome infographic from the cool folks at PoopBuddy to get some more knowledge on the subject.

And speaking of PoopBuddy, DogSplendor is a new affiliate for this innovative service that mails you fashionable and eco-friendly dog poop bags monthly, so you’re always prepared to clean up after your dog. And because PoopBuddy is an awesome company, they donate 10% back to WWF and dog rescue organizations. Click the PoopBuddy logo at the bottom of this post, or in the right hand sidebar of this site to get your subscription going today!

LeavingPoopBehind PoopBuddy Lets talk about dog poop! No, seriously.

PoopBuddyLogo Lets talk about dog poop! No, seriously.

Get your subscription today!

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  • Jessica Rhae

    I think this infographic is great! I think it covers about all the dangers of leaving poop on the ground.