Crazy dog mom preps for Halloween

When you’re a crazy dog mom (moi, of course), interactions with normal people sometimes go a little like this:

Lady at fabric store cutting counter: Oh, what are you making?

Me (holding back a squee of joy): a really cool Halloween costume for my dog!

Lady at fabric store: Oh, really? Why do people want to dress up their dogs?

Me: It’s fun! She doesn’t mind. We’re going to a Halloween party especially for dogs.

Lady (and I use this term loosely): Oh wow, I can’t even believe they would have such a thing!

Me: Face palm.

Clearly, I am in the right and this “lady” was an old stick-up…errr…nevermind.

So, obviously since I just bought the materials today, the costume is not ready, but I am SO excited. I’ve never seen this costume anywhere, I even looked online when I got home!

Make sure you check back next week for the finished product!

In the mean time, here is a fun Halloween infographic from Enjoy!

halloween safety tips Crazy dog mom preps for Halloween

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  • Ryan Jordan

    Luckily for me, all the fabric store people have been nice when I tell them what I’m up to. lol If I go to a fabric store, it’s almost always for dog clothing of some sort, and once or twice they’ve asked me to bring my dog back when the project was done. Sounds like you need a new store to shop at! 🙂

    • Stefanie

      Ok now I need to see pics of the dog clothing you’ve made!

  • Paul Treichler

    Good for you, making your own costume for your dog. The people at the fabric store are always really cool when I tell them that I am making dog clothes for my little Maltese, and for my customers at Whirly Dog Supplies. And the cheap dog clothes and costumes you buy at big mega stores are cheaply made.

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