Fresh for all! #FridgeChallenge wrap up

This past week I’ve been sharing insights from my participation in the Freshpet Fridge Challenge. The challenge was established to bring attention to the importance of fresh foods in your dog’s diet. And while my dogs didn’t go without fresh food for the length of this challenge, I did, and let me just say, it really drove home the importance of fresh for all! Take a look.

freshpet billboard Fresh for all! #FridgeChallenge wrap up
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  • beaglesbargains

    Great video! We’re glad you all survived going fridge free! I bet you are happy to get back to your fresh foods!

    • Stefanie

      Thanks! Yes, it makes life so much easier and healthier!

  • Charlie Thu Hike

    wow fridge free would make things so hard! I make my lunch for school the night before, and put it in the fridge till the next day. I suppose I could just eat a lot of peanut butter sandwiches, and cliff bars, but wow that would get old fast!

    • Stefanie

      Yes, non-fresh items get old really fast. I definitely rather go to the grocery store more frequently and always have fresh things on hand than to rely on things that can sit in the cupboard for a year.