Chia seeds: not just for chia pets anymore!

Is it just me, or when you think of chia seeds do you first think of chia pets? Just me? In truth, it’s certainly a shame to waste this wonder food on a stoneware planter. The benefits of chia seeds as a supplement for humans have been increasing in popularity, but I haven’t seen treats for my dogs that include this superfood…until now.

Lincoln Bark, an exciting natural pet brand out of Chicago, has introduced two new lines of treats for your dog featuring chia seeds!

So, why are chia seeds a wonder food?

 Chia seeds: not just for chia pets anymore!

As you can see, that is a LOT of nutrients packed in those little seeds. Surely your dog would benefit from a treat so healthy. But then the million dollar question becomes: “if it is healthy, will my dog like it?”

Putting healthy treats to the test

Once again, Maddie and Izzie decided to take one for the team and taste test some treats. Lincoln Bark sent us a full sized pouch of the Treat Smart™ treats in the roasted peanut recipe (we also received samples of all the other flavors – chicken liver, wild salmon, and duck and pea). We also got to try the Sweet Little Butterpup™ treats in the pumpkin peanut butter recipe (also available in wild salmon, chicken liver, and oatmeal).

I’ve gotten increasingly picky (even if the dogs haven’t) over what I let them try in terms of treats. Aside from being “powered by chia,” the Lincoln Bark treats are produced from 100% natural human-grade ingredients sourced and baked in the US. The treats also contain no wheat, corn, artificial ingredients, or additives.

 Chia seeds: not just for chia pets anymore!Maddie loves all healthy things, so I had no doubt she would enjoy the Lincoln Bark treats and she did. The above picture is prior to any treats being opened – her least favorite time to take a picture.

 Chia seeds: not just for chia pets anymore!I was a bit surprised by Izzie’s reaction. Of course she loves most treats, but she can tell if you try to trick her into eating something too healthy for her, and she will turn up her nose. But Izzie loved the Treat Smart treats and kept trying to sneak a bit more. I had to explain to her that the feeding guidelines for the Treat Smart treats said that she got one of the soft treats per seven pounds of her body weight. Since she ate about 5 treats, and weighs less than 18 pounds, math clearly isn’t her strong suit. The Sweet Little Butterpup treats didn’t have feeding guidelines, but obviously moderation in accordance with your dog’s eating habits and activity level is always a good idea.

I liked the texture of the soft Treat Smart treats, as they’d be easy to break into smaller pieces for a very small dog (if needed), and they didn’t make crumbs. They seemed super fresh! The Sweet Little Butterpup treats have a harder texture, like a crunchy cookie, but were still a good size for smaller dogs. They had an awesome smell to them, like an oatmeal cookie. Maddie and Izzie gobbled them up, so there wasn’t any time for crumbs.

Both the Treat Smart and Sweet Little Butterpup treats are available via the Lincoln Bark website.

This post has a Disclosure Level of 2. was provided with the products mentioned above at no charge. As always, all opinions are our own.

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  • Gizmo Geodog

    One of my favorite dog treat manufacturers, Smart Cookees out of Tampa, FL, uses chia seeds in their products Gizmo loves these

    • Stefanie

      That’s great that more companies are using this awesomely healthy ingredient! I need to find some chia seed treats for me!

  • Jessica Rhae

    I don’t give chia pets to Chester and Gretel but I love them myself. I add them to salad, oatmeal or to my smoothies.

    • Stefanie

      I like chia seeds on salads, also. I didn’t even realize the full extent of how healthy they were until reviewing these treats. I’m going to be using chia seeds in my diet more now!