Treat with a reason: Dynamo Dog Functional Treats from Cloud Star

Not all treats are created equal. The goal for most treats is that they taste good to your pup, and contain ingredients you find appropriate for your dog. But that doesn’t mean you can go shoving whatever tastes good in your dog’s mouth, any more than you should do that for yourself, right? However, what if the treat served a purpose, other than empty calories? Cloud Star’s line of Dynamo Dog Functional Treats accomplish exactly this. They’re a treat with a reason!

Glad that the treats weren’t just empty calories, we (well, Izzie and Maddie) decided to take the Dynamo Dog Functional Treat product line for a spin, so to speak.

What’s “functional” about them?

First of all, let me say that for each variety of the Dynamo Dog Functional Treat line, the treats are free of grain, gluten, wheat, corn, soy, artificial colors, artificial flavors, and byproducts, plus are made in the USA. Being a dog mom that watches what her dogs are allowed to eat, I give this a big appreciative thumbs up.

Izzie and Maddie tried all three “functions” of the functional treats:

  • Tummy – for daily support of digestive health – with pumpkin, ginger, and added probiotics
  • Skin & Coat – for daily support of healthy skin and shiny coat – with salmon and added Vitamin E
  • Hip & Joint – for daily support of healthy joint function – with bacon & cheese, or with chicken, plus added Glucosamine HCL and Chondroitin Sulfate

 Treat with a reason: Dynamo Dog Functional Treats from Cloud Star

Because the treats are nutraceutical in nature, each bag clearly provides feeding instructions for your dog based on their weight. My girls were glad to learn the recommended “dosing” was daily, athough the recommended “dosage” was half of one treat each. The soft treats easily split in half (or even smaller) for the purpose of sharing with two eager dogs.

Our Experience

When we moved last month, Maddie was having a bit of tummy trouble. I knew from prior experience that pumpkin and ginger were good ingredients to calm a dog’s stomach. So I was pleased to try her on the Tummy treats. With added probiotics, pumpkin, and ginger, I knew those ingredients would be beneficial to her condition, and they were. 

Maddie can be picky sometimes with treats, but she loved the soft, chewy texture of these treats, and even on the mornings when her tummy was upset, she wanted one of these functional treats. Although she is used to our new house now, and I’m sure her tummy has settled down, I’ve continued her on the Tummy treats, and have noticed even Izzie’s digestive system seems to have benefited from the probiotics.

 Treat with a reason: Dynamo Dog Functional Treats from Cloud Star

For Izzie (left in the picture above), since she is the older dog, I started her on a daily regimen of the Hip and Joint treats. I alternated her between the bacon and cheese flavor and the chicken flavor, and I’d like to say she had a preference, but she just likes food, so both were devoured equally as fast. With our new yard (over an acre), Izzie is surely getting in more running than she is used to, and I have to say that I feel good her hips and joints are getting protection – she has a lot more good years of exploring the yard in her future!

Lastly, in the colder weather of the season, I know both my girls would benefit from the Skin & Coat treats. The Skin & Coat treats contain salmon oil, vitamin E, and flaxseed – all of which are ingredients I’ve given to my dogs in the past, but never so easily!

About Cloud Star

Many people have heard of Cloud Star for their great line of dependable dog and cat products that not only include treats, but grooming products. Cloud Star began with their Buddy Biscuits in 1999, and via smart development and a loyal following, has grown the brand into a name discerning pet parents trust – and dogs love.

You can find Cloud Star Dynamo Dog Functional Treats online, and in many well stocked pet stores. The Functional Treats come in both a 5 ounce or 14 ounce package size. If you’re looking for treats with a reason for your pup, I highly recommend you give the treat line a try!

This post has a Disclosure Level of 2. was provided with the products mentioned above at no charge. As always, all opinions are our own.

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  • beaglesbargains

    I’ve had my eye on Cloud Star for a while. It’s on my future treat idea list! We are still fairly stocked up, but I’m excited to give them a try.

    • Stefanie

      My girls love them! And I like the idea that it’s providing some sort of benefit, other than just the empty calories of many treats.