Are you canine whipped?

Lo and behold, Urban Dictionary has a term it’s dubbed “canine whipped.” And no, it’s not some 50 Shades of Grey sorta dealie. I think we’ve all heard of another “whipped” term used to describe a man that sounds like it would have to do with a feline (but doesn’t) and this is much the same – except the entity doing the “whipping” is a dog.

 Are you canine whipped?

When I think about my household in particular, I have to admit that my dogs pretty much have us wrapped around their little paws. Sure, they have a bit of discipline, but a cute little swish of their nugget tail or a lick on our hand and they practically get away with murder. But unlike the definition above, I think at some point we became aware of our being canine whipped, and either no longer care, or are so accustomed to the little insubordinate beasties that we forget.

Sometimes it’s amazing to me, especially with small dogs, that the dog can have the audacity to try and be the boss of an adult human. I mean, if there was something that was 10 times bigger than me, I sure as hell would do what I was told and know my place. Right? But not dogs. A fifteen pound dog can freely and expertly try to herd you through the house, “tell” you in no uncertain terms when it wants something, and have the nerve to ignore you when you tell it to do something. So cheeky!

But I guess we bring being “canine whipped” upon ourselves every time we willingly give over even a bit of our power to a little brazenly crafty fluffy face.

How about you? Do you ever feel canine whipped?

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  • Kimberly Morris Gauthier

    I was canine whipped with Rodrigo and Sydney, but the more dogs we got, the more I realized that this is NOT the way to be and I’ve turned things around with the help of my boyfriend and our dog trainer.

    Our home is much more peaceful, but we still have toys and dog beds everywhere while we do some home updates – it’s driving us crazy, but we know it’s temporary.

    • Stefanie

      That is awesome that things can be peaceful with 4 dogs!! Training is definitely a must – we’ve been doing so much more training with our girls lately to work on some issues. But we still make decisions (vacations, furniture, etc.) based on our dogs’ needs/wants.

  • jana rade

    Well, yes and no. I guess it doesn’t qualify when it’s voluntary 😉

    • Stefanie

      True, sometimes it’s voluntary. 😉

  • beaglesbargains

    Luna does not always get what she wants. If she did, she would weigh hundreds of pounds and have to roll everywhere. Sometimes I do cave though ( :

    • Stefanie

      Ha! Good point!

  • HufflePup

    It’s a compromise. We are when it comes to the tv shows during the work day, but he lives on our schedule for walks and feeding. And he most definitely doesn’t get to get up on furniture when he wants to – it’s really bad for his back.

    • Stefanie

      Sounds like you have a good balance going on. 😉

  • Kia Tinsley

    LOL urban dictionary is hilarious. No, I don’t think I’m canine whipped because Simba definitely doesn’t get his way ALL the time, but he does know how to wrap me around his paws sometimes moreso than my fiance. So maybe I’m semi canine whipped 😉 LOL