The DoggyDoc is in – 24/7!

DoggyDoc 168x300 The DoggyDoc is in   24/7!I think it’s safe to say many of us have taken to the internet to enter in our variety of aches and pains on a site like WebMD, right? We read what it has to say (hopefully it didn’t scare the bajeezus out of us) and then proceed from there, armed with knowledge when we contact the appropriate professional. But have you ever tried something like that for your pup?

Now with the DoggyDoc app, the doctor is IN. 24/7. On your iOS or Android device.

With DoggyDoc, you can enter in your pet’s specific information, choose from a list of possible issues, and make an informed decision from there.

I tried out the DoggyDoc iOS app for a paw issue Maddie is having and it went a little bit like this…

Using DoggyDoc

To start using DoggyDoc, you enter your dog’s breed. There were many to choose from! Next, you enter other details about your dog like its gender, age, whether it has been altered, and whether it’s current on its recommended vaccinations. DoggyDoc will remember these details for the next time you open the app, so if you’re looking up information for another dog, make sure you change the data.

 The DoggyDoc is in   24/7!

Next, you indicate the area of your dog’s body where it’s experiencing a possible issue. You can choose either inner or outer symptoms. For Maddie, I clicked to find out about her right forepaw.

The next step gives you possible symptoms for the area of the dog’s body you clicked in the prior step. For Maddie I clicked on the symptoms of reddening of skin between paws, and paw swelling. If you have a question on what any of the symptoms might mean, a click on the “i” button next to the symptom brings up a more complete description of the symptom. Additionally, the bar on the bottom of the app makes it extremely easy to navigate back to prior information entered, or to proceed forward.

 The DoggyDoc is in   24/7!

Based on the information entered thus far, and the 2 symptoms I indicated, DoggyDoc returns the statistically significant possible disease results. Notice these results are based on 2 symptoms, and no 1 disease was very significantly indicated. I decided to add a 3rd symptom, itchy paws, to see if the results would be different.

 The DoggyDoc is in   24/7!

Sure thing, adding a 3rd symptom into the mix, returned a slightly different list of possible diseases, with stronger indications of possibility.

Since I knew she didn’t have fleas, and I think we ruled out a food allergy last year with Maddie, I decided to further investigate the link for contact dermatitis, as shown below.

 The DoggyDoc is in   24/7!

For whichever disease you choose to explore, the app returns results for Course (what happens during the disease), Emergency (options if the disease is more urgent), Treatment (what you can expect from a vet in terms of treatment), and Cause (what may have caused the disease).

Be reminded that this application provides data for informational purposes only. The creators of DoggyDoc, petsicon GmbH, out of Berlin, Germany, developed this application with veterinarians, but since every dog is different, they urge you consult your own veterinarian if you suspect your dog is suffering from any type of health problem or sickness.

Our verdict

I loved how the DoggyDoc app was SO easy to navigate. I also love having things accessible on my iOS devices so I can look up an issue wherever I happen to be. There is a huge amount of knowledge to navigate through on this phone for any possible issue your dog might be having.

Go get it

The DoggyDoc application is listed at a $2.99 introductory price in the iTunes App Store, or GooglePlay store, but the price will be increasing to $4.99, so download it soon!

This post has a Disclosure Level of 2. was provided with the product mentioned above at no charge. As always, all opinions are our own.

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  • mhikl

    Sounds interesting but I have given up on vets: live, dead or animated. Other than expensive, I, & my little headache, get very little for my efforts. And what do vets (or MDs for that matter) know about health,- they make their money in the ‘sick’ business.
    The best thing to do for pooch(es) is go BARF diet. Whilst it won’t repair whatever was torn three years ago in my ageing Corgi Pem (see Sadie in Disguise at left), it sure took away her pain.
    I know I am off (your) topic, but anytime I can rant against a medical establishment, (of any species) that pleasure has to be scratched. -:)

    • Stefanie

      Feel free to rant on. I am sort of feeling the same way about medical doctors these days – they call it “practice” for a reason, charging you big bucks to guess? But I know for my 2 dogs, veterinarians have been helpful, if not life saving, several times. I guess the key to working with any kind of professional is finding the right one. Love that picture of Sadie in the bag!