John Paul Pet spa day and giveaway!

Living in the rainy Pacific Northwest, keeping white dogs clean is an uphill battle. Especially since we’ve moved to the country and they have more places to get dirty. That is why I was excited when John Paul Pet contacted me regarding their Grooming Pet Care 3-Pack. Surely my girls could do with a spa day!

 John Paul Pet spa day and giveaway!

Wait, isn’t John Paul a human product line?

You wondered why it sounded familiar, right? Yes, John Paul DeJoria, is a co-founder of the well known John Paul Mitchell Systems hair care line. And over 30 years ago, DeJoria led the pack, so to speak, by being the first hair care brand to publicly oppose animal testing of their products. Flash forward to 2005, and those same humane principles led to the creation of John Paul Pet, a line of ethical grooming and hygiene products for dogs, cats, and even horses!

“With more than 30 years in the professional salon business, we know what it takes to keep hair and skin healthy. And, the same experience applies to our animal companions. Just as you care what goes into your pet’s food; it’s equally important to care about what goes on their coat and skin.”  John Paul Pet

 John Paul Pet spa day and giveaway!

So, what makes these products special?

Each product in the line of John Paul Pet shampoos, conditioners, sprays and wipes, contains exclusive botanical extract blends, which have been created to contain an optimal pH balance for pets. Extensive hair care and skin care research is used to make sure these products are safe even for pets with sensitive skin or coats. In fact, the products are tested on humans (right on, we can all use a shiny coat!).

The Pet Care 3-Pack from John Paul Pet contains:

  • Oatmeal Shampoo – Soothes and conditions with rich moisturizers, thereby eliminating dry, itchy, flaky coats.
  • Oatmeal Conditioning Spray – A leave-in conditioner to add shine and help revitalize the coat in between baths or grooming sessions. A great detangler for easy brush outs.
  • Ear and Eye Wipes – These gentle and biodegradable wipes have been formulated to help clear dirt or tear stains around the eyes and ears. The formula reduces bacteria build up and accompanying odor.

So how did our John Paul Pet spa day go?

Even with white dogs, sometimes they still APPEAR clean. And then you lean in. And oh the aroma. The lovely doggie stinky aroma.

 John Paul Pet spa day and giveaway!

Sometimes it’s not until you get them in the actual bath that you realize just how dirty they are. Suds should not be gray, right?

The shampoo: I love that the product contains oatmeal, which is great when my dogs tend towards dry skin in the colder weather. The addition of aloe vera and sweet almond oil also serve to nourish and soothe the skin. The product distributes well and rinses cleanly. I felt like small dry patches on their skin were soothed, without the heavy build up of applying something topical to their skin.

The conditioning spray: I have used this product before and love it for helping with between grooming brush outs. If your dog has small tangles, this spray works perfectly. Even if your dog doesn’t get tangles, the spray leaves their coat lustrous and soft. Oh, and also, it smells fantastic! Sort of like almond mixed with oatmeal cookie. Yep, that smell is BY FAR preferable to dog smell any day of the week.

The ear and eye wipes: Izzie is prone to having wet eyes. As a result she gets tear stains, which show quite a bit on a white dog. Washing that area with a wash cloth or wet paper towel really doesn’t do much, which is why I was so glad to try these wipes. The wipes contain no harsh chemical bleaching agents or funky fragrances, so they don’t sting her eye area in any way. Which means she sits still and doesn’t mind me wiping her eyes. This is awesome. Beyond the fact that Izzie’s letting me wipe her eyes, and even enjoying the sensation, the product cleans away any bacteria that might have built up, which helps reduce the tear stains. The actual wipe sheets are biodegradable and very generously sized. In fact I rip one sheet in half to use a separate sheet on each eye, so as not to cross-contaminate. I have added this product to my daily routine with Izzie.

 John Paul Pet spa day and giveaway!

And because your dog needs a John Paul Pet spa day too…

The cool folks at John Paul Pet want to spread the love around by giving away a Pet Care 3-Pack as pictured above. Follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below. There are entry options for everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This post has a Disclosure Level of 4 & 10. was provided with the product mentioned above at no charge. As always, all opinions are our own.

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  • Jill C.

    My dogs get brushed (begrudgingly) every day. It’s not their favorite.

    • Stefanie

      Wow, that’s impressive, every day. But for dogs that shed a lot, I bet that cuts down on your vacuuming!

  • beaglesbargains

    I love when “human” brands start making pet friendly products too! We do a lot of our “spa” work on the same day, which isn’t really fun for anyone, but it is the only way I can make sure it all gets done!

    • Stefanie

      Yes, we have a whole ritual too. Apparently my dogs feel the best place to dry themselves is on our bed covers. So I let them, then those all go in the wash.

      • beaglesbargains

        Fortunately, Luna still prefers the carpet

  • btobes

    One of my babies has terribly sensitive skin. I have yet to find something that has helped him. Would love to give these products a go!

    • Stefanie

      I’ve had good luck with oatmeal products when my dogs have had sensitive skin issues. And I love these products because there aren’t questionable and/or unnecessary ingredients.

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  • ArtsyChaos

    No “spa days” per se… my little shih tzu has regular face/eye washes and he doesn’t mind them too much. He’s so soft when out of a bath too! My great dane, however, is a nightmare near a tub but she does enjoy a massage with a back scratcher. 🙂

    • Stefanie

      I cannot EVEN imagine bathing a Great Dane that didn’t want to be bathed. 😉 That is why pro groomers are worth every penny.

  • Kristen

    First we do nails, then brush, then bathe, then towel dry, then (hopefully depending on the weather) they sun themselves outside, then brush again.
    I want my dogs to smell like an almondy oatmeal cookie!
    (Your dogs are so cute!)

    • Stefanie

      Sounds like a pretty good spa day! I wish my dogs could sun themselves dry outside without re-dirtying themselves. 🙂

  • Kimberly Morris Gauthier

    This is such a fantastic product! You can really get a great deal on John Paul if you know a stylist who can buy it for you at their store (must have a license). We love it and have used it for years. We also use shampoo bars. But when it comes to shampoo in the bottle, I’ll only use John Paul.

    • Stefanie

      Good to know! I’d only ever tried the leave in conditioner, but I love the shampoo and wipes. I might need to try out other things in their line.

  • Carlie

    I am a Paul Mitchell cosmetology graduate and I love their pet products! My doggies always get cute bamdanas when they leave the pet spa!! So cute!

    • Stefanie

      Love seeing pups in bandanas! I like knowing I first was aware of Paul Mitchell and their quality, and so I have an extra level of trust with the quality of the John Paul Pets line based on that.

  • Lisa F.

    Regular brushings and baths as needed are my pet’s spa days.

  • Bobbie Smith

    My Elle’s spa day is getting her nails clipped, and then running her some nice bath water and washing her good, getting her out wrapping her up in a nice warm towel, and then brushing her coat.

    • Stefanie

      Ah the warm towel is a nice touch. Have to remember that next time. I usually end up sitting on the floor snuggling my dog in the towel for a while.

  • saturnjumper

    Almondy oatmeal cookie?! That sounds wonderful! We usually just take stinky Boey to the groomers.

    • Stefanie

      I have to admit to liking the groomers doing the dirty work, also. 😉 Especially their nails!