Memories of a little punky puppy

Oh, who am I kidding, my Maddie is still a little punky puppy at heart. I came across these video clips today of the day we brought Maddie home in 2010 and introduced her to her big sister, Izzie. Maddie was about 9 weeks old, and Izzie was about 3.5 years old.

This video footage was all taken within an hour of us bringing Maddie home. As you can see, she made herself right at home with her sisters toys, and they quickly got to playing. Maddie loved to play from day one, and she still plays like a puppy to this day, nearly 4 years later!

Oh yeah, and I deleted the sound, because it was mostly me squeeing and laughing with new puppy enthusiasm (oh, there’s nothing like it!).


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Fresh for all! #FridgeChallenge wrap up

This past week I’ve been sharing insights from my participation in the Freshpet Fridge Challenge. The challenge was established to bring attention to the importance of fresh foods in your dog’s diet. And while my dogs didn’t go without fresh food for the length of this challenge, I did, and let me just say, it really drove home the importance of fresh for all! Take a look.

freshpet billboard Fresh for all! #FridgeChallenge wrap up
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Weekend Splendor – video diaries from dogs

If you ever wondered what  video diaries by dogs would sound like, they might go a little bit like this…

(Content may be rated PG-13-ish)

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When dogs Skype

I have to admit to calling my husband on FaceTime and then asking him to “put the dogs on.” But look what happens when two dogs catch up via Skype! Would your dogs Skype quite like this?


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Santa’s little helper Jasmine

In the spirit of Christmas, I wanted to share this adorable video of Jasmine, a talented little Havanese that helps out Santa. Boy are her doggie (and kitty cat) neighbors lucky!

I met Jasmine and her mom at a conference this past June – what a talented duo! Check out Jasmine’s YouTube channel for more fun videos, or follow their adventures on the My Favorite Pup Jasmine Blog or their Facebook page.

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