Travel with Fido? Around the US? Do it!

Ever wish you could take off and see hundreds of places around the United States? Ever wish you could bring Fido? You may say “yes” to both questions, but where to start? Now with The Ruff Guide to the Unites States, you can get the inside scoop from someone who has done just that – traveled the US – and with her pooch!

Melissa Halliburton, the founder of the popular pet-friendly travel website, has put together info on her travel with Ace, and has an awesome book raring to go, but…

Printing is expensive, and here’s where she needs a little “kickstart.

Melissa’s book is now a project that you can financially back on the social funding site, KickStarter. Visit the KickStarter page for this book and learn of the varying ways you can support this project – getting it out there for people to see!

An awesome video of some of Melissa & Ace’s travels has been put together that had me raring to donate to support this project. I hope after watching the video you feel the same!

Keep in mind that the deadline to fund this KickStarter project is December 25th.

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Seahawks and Weiners!

Living in the Seattle area, many locals have a love/hate relationship with the Seahawks football team. But when you combine Seahawks  AND Weiners? All LOVE, baby!

This is video of weinerdog races during halftime at a Seahawks game last fall. Love how in “heat 2” one of the dogs takes off…maybe to the concession stands?



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Shiba Inu puppy vs watermelon

Came across this cute video from the website Holy Cuteness. And it is just that, holy cuteness.

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image001 Frankenweenie!

If your beloved dog were to suddenly pass, to what lengths would you go to bring him back?

In Frankenweenie, Young Victor harnesses the power of science to bring his dog Sparky back from the dead. Then quickly learns the unintended, sometimes monstrous consequences, of his canine pal getting a new “leash on life.”

At it’s core, Frankenweenie is a heartwarming story about a boy and his dog. Spun with the creatively dark genius of filmmaker Tim Burton in his first animated film for Disney.

Tim Burton on his personal inspiration for the story:

“The reason I originally wanted to make ‘Frankenweenie’ was based on growing up and loving horror movies. But it was also the relationship I had when I was a child with a certain dog that I had. It’s a special relationship that you have in your life and very emotional. Dogs obviously don’t usually live as long as people, so therefore you experience the end of that relationship. So that, in combination with the Frankenstein story, just seemed to be a very powerful thing to me—a very personal kind of remembrance.”

Frankenweenie was filmed in black and white, and rendered in 3D, which takes the classic style to a whole new experience. The film uses stop-motion animation – one of the oldest animation styles, with 24 frames per second of film. As such, over 200 puppets and sets were created for the film.

The talented voice cast includes: Catherine O’Hara, Martin Short, Martin Landau, Charlie Tahan, Atticus Shaffer, Robert Capron, Conchata Ferrell and Winona Ryder.

Find more information on Frankenweenie on it’s official website (warning: dog barking sounds when you open the page – cover your dog’s ears!).

Watch the trailer below and catch Frankenweenie at a theater near you on October 5th!

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Corgi at a water park

With toasty temperatures across the country (Seattle-area finally got our post 90 degree days), this video caught my eye. Look at this cute little Corgi at a water park. He/she obviously loves having the water poured down over him/her!

Keep cool out there!

For more fun YouTube videos, check out DogSplendor’s YouTube channel.


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