John Paul Pet spa day and giveaway!

Living in the rainy Pacific Northwest, keeping white dogs clean is an uphill battle. Especially since we’ve moved to the country and they have more places to get dirty. That is why I was excited when John Paul Pet contacted me regarding their Grooming Pet Care 3-Pack. Surely my girls could do with a spa day!

 John Paul Pet spa day and giveaway!

Wait, isn’t John Paul a human product line?

You wondered why it sounded familiar, right? Yes, John Paul DeJoria, is a co-founder of the well known John Paul Mitchell Systems hair care line. And over 30 years ago, DeJoria led the pack, so to speak, by being the first hair care brand to publicly oppose animal testing of their products. Flash forward to 2005, and those same humane principles led to the creation of John Paul Pet, a line of ethical grooming and hygiene products for dogs, cats, and even horses!

“With more than 30 years in the professional salon business, we know what it takes to keep hair and skin healthy. And, the same experience applies to our animal companions. Just as you care what goes into your pet’s food; it’s equally important to care about what goes on their coat and skin.”  John Paul Pet

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Sweet and stylish pet parent jewelry

Magic Zoo Dog Pin Sweet and stylish pet parent jewelryWhen I’m out and about, showing my love of dogs through my choice in accessories can be hard. First world problems, I know. In perusing the internet, I know there are kagillions of products out there aimed at the discerning dog parent, but lets be honest, there is some UGLY stuff out there (I’m looking at you, airbrushed ginormous dog face tshirts).

That is why I was so pleased to see such a sweet collection of quality, handmade jewelry from The Magic Zoo. The Magic Zoo has a wide array of stylish handmade jewelry for animal lovers, and wow do they cover almost any species of animal you could desire!

The folks at The Magic Zoo were kind enough to send me this adorable pewter dog angel pin with a red enameled heart. The picture here doesn’t do it justice, but as I wore it on my scarf around to various things this past week of Valentine’s Day celebrations, I always got comments on how cute the pin was! The details on the pewter are sweet, and the pop of red color on the heart stands out. Year round, not just around Valentine’s Day, it is a sweet way to show your affection for dogs – and be stylish at the same time! [Read more…]

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The DoggyDoc is in – 24/7!

DoggyDoc 168x300 The DoggyDoc is in   24/7!I think it’s safe to say many of us have taken to the internet to enter in our variety of aches and pains on a site like WebMD, right? We read what it has to say (hopefully it didn’t scare the bajeezus out of us) and then proceed from there, armed with knowledge when we contact the appropriate professional. But have you ever tried something like that for your pup?

Now with the DoggyDoc app, the doctor is IN. 24/7. On your iOS or Android device.

With DoggyDoc, you can enter in your pet’s specific information, choose from a list of possible issues, and make an informed decision from there.

I tried out the DoggyDoc iOS app for a paw issue Maddie is having and it went a little bit like this…

Using DoggyDoc

To start using DoggyDoc, you enter your dog’s breed. There were many to choose from! Next, you enter other details about your dog like its gender, age, whether it has been altered, and whether it’s current on its recommended vaccinations. DoggyDoc will remember these details for the next time you open the app, so if you’re looking up information for another dog, make sure you change the data.

 The DoggyDoc is in   24/7!

Next, you indicate the area of your dog’s body where it’s experiencing a possible issue. You can choose either inner or outer symptoms. For Maddie, I clicked to find out about her right forepaw.

The next step gives you possible symptoms for the area of the dog’s body you clicked in the prior step. For Maddie I clicked on the symptoms of reddening of skin between paws, and paw swelling. If you have a question on what any of the symptoms might mean, a click on the “i” button next to the symptom brings up a more complete description of the symptom. Additionally, the bar on the bottom of the app makes it extremely easy to navigate back to prior information entered, or to proceed forward. [Read more…]

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Treat with a reason: Dynamo Dog Functional Treats from Cloud Star

Not all treats are created equal. The goal for most treats is that they taste good to your pup, and contain ingredients you find appropriate for your dog. But that doesn’t mean you can go shoving whatever tastes good in your dog’s mouth, any more than you should do that for yourself, right? However, what if the treat served a purpose, other than empty calories? Cloud Star’s line of Dynamo Dog Functional Treats accomplish exactly this. They’re a treat with a reason!

Glad that the treats weren’t just empty calories, we (well, Izzie and Maddie) decided to take the Dynamo Dog Functional Treat product line for a spin, so to speak.

What’s “functional” about them?

First of all, let me say that for each variety of the Dynamo Dog Functional Treat line, the treats are free of grain, gluten, wheat, corn, soy, artificial colors, artificial flavors, and byproducts, plus are made in the USA. Being a dog mom that watches what her dogs are allowed to eat, I give this a big appreciative thumbs up.

Izzie and Maddie tried all three “functions” of the functional treats:

  • Tummy – for daily support of digestive health – with pumpkin, ginger, and added probiotics
  • Skin & Coat – for daily support of healthy skin and shiny coat – with salmon and added Vitamin E
  • Hip & Joint – for daily support of healthy joint function – with bacon & cheese, or with chicken, plus added Glucosamine HCL and Chondroitin Sulfate

 Treat with a reason: Dynamo Dog Functional Treats from Cloud Star

Because the treats are nutraceutical in nature, each bag clearly provides feeding instructions for your dog based on their weight. My girls were glad to learn the recommended “dosing” was daily, athough the recommended “dosage” was half of one treat each. The soft treats easily split in half (or even smaller) for the purpose of sharing with two eager dogs.

Our Experience

When we moved last month, Maddie was having a bit of tummy trouble. I knew from prior experience that pumpkin and ginger were good ingredients to calm a dog’s stomach. So I was pleased to try her on the Tummy treats. With added probiotics, pumpkin, and ginger, I knew those ingredients would be beneficial to her condition, and they were. 

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Holiday stress? Yep, dogs get it, too

 Holiday stress? Yep, dogs get it, tooAs much as you might love the holiday season, it can be stressful. So much to fit in to your schedule, so much you feel like you  “have” to do. And while dogs don’t have those same types of stressors, you being stressed, plus the changes in the house and additional visitors can lead to holiday stress for your dog!

For my dogs, the addition of holiday decor that they aren’t supposed to touch, chew, fondle, or otherwise maim, can be a stress. And added visitors are always stressful, as my dog Izzie (pictured) can be a bit territorial.

This year, because we are moving to a new house, none of the Christmas decorations are being unboxed, but in the place of that stress is the stress of a move and the house being overrun by boxes.

Izzie in particular hate hate HATES the sound of the packing tape dispenser gun – which legitimately has to be used repeatedly to put together and seal every moving box.

So when I received an inquiry from the good folks at Pet Naturals of Vermont to try their line of Calming chews for dogs, it couldn’t have come at a better time!

I received some samples of the calming chews in the mail a few weeks ago and decided Izzie would be my test subject.

So, first of all, what’s in Calming chews? [Read more…]

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